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The UFC GYM 2022 Shred Challenge is kicking off February 12th

The annual Shred challenge presents our members with an opportunity to push their training to the next level, tap into an additional support network, and reach measurable goals in a set timeframe. To ensure you’re fully prepared to take on this once-a-year event, we tapped two of our world-class trainers, Coaches Jamie & Laney out of our UFC GYM Huntington Beach location, to provide some tips to help you get the most out of the challenge and see optimum results!

  1. Work with your coach to formulate a meal plan. By receiving insight on appropriate calorie intake and how to balance your nutrition, your workouts will not only be more effective, but you’ll be able to get the maximum results from your efforts.

  2. Stay hydrated. This is important daily, however, during a workout challenge it is even more important to drink water for recovery, sleep quality, cognition, and performance. Be sure to stay away from high sugar carbonated drinks during this time to avoid any crashes.

  3. Get adequate and sufficient rest. Sleep allows muscle tissue time to recover between workouts. Sufficient sleep is also important in having the energy to exercise. Aim for at least 6 - 8 hours of rest each night.

  4. Warm up before you work out. Add a warmup routine, especially when lifting heavy or doing workouts you may be new to in order to prevent injury. Daily use of foam rollers, percussion massagers such as Hypervolt tools, and resistance bands during this 4-week training period will aid in avoiding joint pain, strains and muscle damage. Plus, be sure to check out UFC GYM RECOVERY

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