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With the right coach, the impossible becomes possible. Maximize your potential with our elite coaches. You’ll be equipped with a program designed to meet your unique needs and a partner who will push you to go further and go faster.

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Get paired with your perfect fit. Our coaches are experts in their individual disciplines. We’ll match you with the right coach, who will design a plan unique to your goals, lifestyle and experience. From Muay Thai to functional fitness, beginner to competitive athlete, we have a coach for you! FIND OUT MOREFIND OUT MORE Button
Every UFC GYM coach must pass a rigorous, science-backed certification process, exclusively designed for us by leading industry experts. Our elite program directors ensure coaches stay up to date on cutting-edge industry developments through ongoing education opportunities. FIND OUT MOREFIND OUT MORE Button
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Access elite level programs designed and led by some of the best in the industry. Our MMA-fitness experience is unparalleled. Get results and get results the right way. You’re learning from the best.

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Brandon Bender


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Laura Aiello


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“As a Youth Coach, there’s nothing better than seeing our kids discover the benefits of MMA training. Seeing their confidence and self-esteem grow, see them accomplishing goals and forging friendships.”

Brandon Bender
Director, MMA
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“Whatever goal you have, whatever Train Different means for you, we have a coach on staff that can support your success in pursuing that goal.”

David Ingram
Assistant Fitness Director, UFC GYM Costa Mesa