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We take pride in our community—movers and change makers of all ages and fitness ranges uniting to go further, together. Group fitness is a great way to stay committed, form friendships, and have a great time while breaking a sweat. Experience the power of group fitness at UFC GYM. Our classes incorporate mainstream programs with specialized workouts unique to UFC Gym, offering a variety of choices to fit your preferred training style. Whether your goal is to burn fat, tone your muscles, hit those high intensity exercises or improve flexibility, our classes and community will help you get there.*

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  • Athletic Stretch

    If you know you NEED to stretch more but feel Yoga isn't quite your thing then this is DEFINITELY the class for you! ...

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  • Barre-less Barre

    Tight muscles limit our range of motion and often set our body up for impending injury. Utilizing the same style barr...

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  • Below the Belt

    Tone and strengthen your lower body with a primary focus on the muscles surrounding your legs, butt, and thighs to sh...

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  • Cardio Funk Dance Party

    Utilizing pumpin' music from the 80's, 90's and today's hits, Cardio Funk will get you sweatin' and groovin' while da...

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  • Circuit Breaker

    Circuit Breaker is a dynamic class set up in a circuit training style. As you move from station to station, this clas...

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  • dynaMAX

    Get fit using the cutting-edge fitness tool, Terra Core....

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  • Energizing Yoga

    This powerful yoga class gives students of all levels an intense workout. This is an ashtanga Yoga based class. Instr...

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  • Fusion Flow

    Reconnect your mind and body with fluid poses and stretches that will warm your muscles in a completely new and challenging way....

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  • High Octane Conditioning

    Get ready to ignite your workout! This format will get your heart racing as you combine high intensity cardio moves w...

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  • HOT HULA Fitness®

    HOT HULA fitness® is a unique and exciting dance workout. It provides a “total body workout" by isolating your larger...

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  • J.U.M.P

    J.U.M.P is a 30 or 60 minute class that is all about high intensity jump roping with intervals of core or streng...

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  • KickAss Kick

    KickAss Kick uses no-bag kickboxing techniques with interval cardio drills that increase in intensity and are followe...

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  • Killer Core

    Killer Core is a 30-minute class utilizing various props such as, foam rollers, free weights, and your own body weigh...

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  • Killer Cycle

    The thrill of outdoor cycling brought to you indoors. You will be motivated by great music while your instructor push...

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  • KiloCycle

    This cycle class will save room for some resistance training. Complete a great Cycle cardio workout and round it off ...

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  • Muscle Makeover

    No muscle will be missed in this class! Work your total body with a variety of equipment that is designed to build st...

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  • P90X® Live!

    P90X®LIVE is a full-body, strength-training format, featuring four unique blocks of work: Cardio X, Lower Strength, U...

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  • PiYo®

    PiYo® is an athletic blend of Yoga combined with mat Pilates designed to enhance muscle strength and length, improve ...

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  • POUND: Rockout. Workout.™

    POUND: Rockout. Workout.™ class will channel your inner performer and rock your body with this modern-day fusion of m...

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  • Power Pilates

    This is a traditional mat Pilates class that will elongate your muscles, strengthen your core and improve your flexib...

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  • Restorative Yoga

    Allow yourself to slowdown and truly relax. Restorative yoga offers rest, recovery and renewal for the mind, body and...

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  • R.I.P.P.E.D™

    R.I.P.P.E.D™ is the one stop body shock! This total body, high intensity style workout utilizes free weights, resista...

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  • Step n’ Strike

    This fusion class will work your entire body and get your heart rate racing....

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  • S.W.E.A.T

    Strength, Weights, Endurance, Athletic Training (S.W.E.A.T). This class is a mash-up of metabolic and endurance train...

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  • Total Body Barbell

    Tone and strengthen your body using the barbell to target all the major muscle groups. Your instructor will guide you...

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  • Yoga Flow

    This yoga class follows a Vinyasa flow. It is a continuous flow of yoga poses that will help you deepen your breath a...

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  • Zumba®

    This famous dance class will make you smile while you sweat. While combining easy-to-follow dance moves of fast and...

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