Functional Fitness

Functional Fitness

Build a Strong Foundation. Introducing Functional Fitness: classes aimed at building the best structural foundation for your body to prevent pain and push you to your pinnacle—both in and outside these walls. Each class is a varied combination of functional movements performed at relatively high intensity, amplifying your physical and mental acuity so you can own the trail or the boardroom. Functional Fitness encompasses everyday movements, focusing on speed, agility, range of motion, core strength, and flexibility, varying daily so you never sweat through the same workout twice.

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  • Boxing Conditioning

    Boxing Conditioning teaches basic boxing skills and techniques, designed to increase muscular strength and cardio end...

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  • Daily Ultimate Training (D.U.T)®

    Shock your system and prepare for results with DUT™, our signature, high-intensity interval training bootcamp. We foc...

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  • Family D.U.T™

    Family DUT™ is our signature bootcamp delivering a fun and challenging experience for the whole family. Exercises, we...

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  • Fight Fit

    Train like a champion with Fight FIT, our one-of-a-kind class where you'll learn basic MMA skills with a cardio kick....

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  • Kickboxing Conditioning

    Kickboxing Conditioning is the perfect total body workout, and the fastest way to that toned fighter physique you see...

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    MATRX is uniquely structured to fuse TRX suspension bodyweight exercises with our MMA cardio conditioning in order to...

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  • Stretching for Performance

    Stretching for performance teaches the mindfulness of the body with emphasis on flexibility as it relates to proper b...

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  • TRX

    TRX class uses the TRX suspension training system, which uses your bodyweight to perform hundreds of exercises. You'r...

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  • UFC FIT®

    Welcome to UFC FIT: the perfect full-body high-intensity interval training (HIIT) workout. This class follows a set s...

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