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Jeff Nolasco

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Program Instructor, La Mirada


About Jeff

Years Training: 8
Years Teaching: 6
Primary School/Instructor: Mauricio "Tinguinha" Mariano
Belt Level: Black Belt
Favorite Technique: I like them because it is next to impossible to muscle out of a tight choke; known for the shimmy shimmy roll and translating BJJ techniques into dance moves
Classes Taught: Youth BJJ Gi & No Gi, Adult BJJ Gi & No Gi, Women's Self Defense Gi, Muay Thai, Youth MMA, TRX®
Why do you love BJJ? I love BJJ because it balances me and forces me to be a problem solver. I am a better person and constantly improving because of my involvement with BJJ.
Why do you Teach? I teach because BJJ has done so much for me in my life. It is immeasurable! It is more than just physical wellness, it is mental health, emotional stability, and it has helped me build stronger relationships in my life. I teach because I want to share the positivity of BJJ with everyone.
Additional Information: 2010 Jiu-Jitsu Pro Gear Open (2nd); 2012 Copa Pacifica Champion; 2012 Masters World Championship (2nd); 2012 IBJJF Spring International Open (2nd); 2013 SJJF No Gi Worlds Champion (Masters); 2013 SJJF World Champion (Masters); 2013 SJJF World Championship (2nd); 2013 IBJJF Spring International Open (2nd); 2013 IBJJF Fall International Open Champion; 2014 IBJJF Spring International Open (2nd); 2014 Vulkan Open (2nd); 2014 NABJJF North American No Gi Champion; 2014 IBJJF American National Championship (3rd); 2014 SJJF Worlds No Gi (3rd); 2014 SJJF World Champion, B.S. Kinesiology CSUF; TRX® Certified; Bulgarian Bag Certified; Escape Fitness Certified.


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