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BJ Penn

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Master Trainer

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About BJ

Years Training: 19
Primary School/Instructor: Andre Pederneiras
Belt Level: 4th Degree Black Belt
Favorite Technique: Guard Passing & Taking the Back
Classes Taught: BJJ workshops & BJJ specialized courses
Why do you love BJJ? As the youngest of four boys, I originally learned BJJ alongside my older brothers as a form of both self defense and attack. I continued to practice and learn from each of my teachers, BJJ became much more than a fighting technique - it transcended into a spiritual art that has guided and forever changed the course of my life. BJJ is my chosen way of life.
Additional Information: UFC® Legend; BJJ World Champion; two-time, two-division UFC champion; one of only two fighters to win UFC titles in multiple weight classes; first undisputed Champion of the UFC Light Weight Division; 8+ years undefeated.


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