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Why You Can Expect Fast Results with a Full Body Workout Routine

There's definitely a place for muscle-specific workouts that get you more defined abs or less-droopy triceps. But sometimes, it can take months to see true results from those efforts, and you may be missing out on the chance to develop those muscles along with others at the same time.

When you embark on a full-body workout routine, and make it a regular part of your schedule, it definitely won't take long to begin seeing your work pay off. Here's why you can expect fast results:

You're torching calories more efficiently

Just by living and breathing, you burn calories. But many people tend to underestimate how many calories they expend each day, versus how many they take in through food. That leads to a calorie imbalance that often results in weight gain.

Not only do full-body workouts torch calories while you're doing them, but they actually help to keep you burning more calories when you're at rest.

Sedentary people burn fewer calories while they're at rest than healthy people who get a higher level of physical activity. That means if you put in regular full-body workouts, you become an efficient calorie-burning machine, even if you're just hanging out later on the couch.

That's particularly important as you age, because your body will burn fewer calories when you get older if you don't maintain your exercise levels. For example, a sedentary woman under age 30 usually burns 1,800 to 2,000 calories per day, but after age 50, that number drops to 1,600 per day.

Building muscle means boosting metabolism

One of the main reasons that you burn more calories — and ditch fat in the process — is because you'll be revving up your metabolism at the same time you get a more toned body. Full-body classes often combine cardio with strength exercises, giving you the one-two combination that turns your metabolism into an advantage.

For example, a class like Kickboxing burns 67 percent more calories than resistance training, and those benefits keep going strong hours after you finish working out. Metabolism also becomes more efficient with intense cardio bursts rather than long, slow treadmill sessions. With a full-body workout, you'll get those sprint-like moments that get you to a new level and spur faster results.

Injury prevention keeps you on track

Spot lifting and muscle-specific workouts don't necessarily lead to injury, but building one part of your body may potentially lead to imbalances that can leave you more prone to injury issues. Sometimes, you can risk stressing the areas being worked out, or the parts that are being ignored can begin causing problems.

With full-body workouts, the conditioning is spread evenly throughout your body, so you reduce the chances of injury. With more days at the top of your game, you'll be able to bust through plateaus faster and see results in a shorter timeframe.

In general, full-body workouts simply work, and you can even fit them into a busy lifestyle. Not only do they get you the strength, endurance, and speed you want, but they also make your body more efficient and fit. See for yourself — if you want to try some classes that focus on full-body workouts, sign up for a UFC GYM Free Pass.



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