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What UFC GYM Personal Trainers Can Do for You

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Even with a gym full of the latest equipment and fitness classes galore, there can be significant value in adding personal training sessions to your workout mix, especially if you sign up with experienced and insightful trainers.

At UFC GYM, our trainers undergo rigorous education that includes exercise science, physiology, injury prevention, and goal-setting. They also embody the UFC mindset, which is all about tapping into your potential by boosting your determination and putting together a multi-disciplined approach to fitness.

Whether you’re aiming to compete in the Octagon someday or you simply want to reach a higher level of fitness, here’s what UFC GYM personal trainers can offer:

Motivation and challenge

UFC fighters don’t get better by giving the minimum amount of effort. They push themselves whenever they can, and they embrace the challenge of doing more than they thought they could.

That’s a tough attitude to foster on your own. That’s why trainers can be so valuable—they push you to be your best self, helping you break through plateaus and get results. When you’re motivated and inspired by a trainer, you feel supported in your efforts, and that can make a big difference between giving minimum or maximum effort.

Multi-discipline strategy

In order to keep your body guessing—which is how you progress in any sport or training regimen—you need to switch things up, and often.

UFC GYM trainers know how to blend multiple disciplines like martial arts and high-intensity interval training to keep you on track. That’s a strategy that benefits anyone, from someone who’s just walked into the gym for the first time to a seasoned athlete who competes regularly.

Individualized plans

Although fitness classes can definitely give you a boost, it’s also very helpful to plan your workout track based on your specific goals. 

Whatever your larger goal might be, a UFC GYM trainer can help you put together a plan that includes realistic timelines, progress indicators, and other factors for getting you from one point to the next.

Fitness education

What’s the most effective way to use functional equipment for increasing your endurance? What’s a drop set, and is it something you should be doing? How do you do a biceps curl without putting stress on your wrist? UFC GYM trainers know these answers, and so will you when you train with them.

Training sessions help with reaching your goals, but they also provide a wealth of fitness education that will propel you forward. You’ll learn proper form when using weights, how to incorporate martial arts training into your workouts, the best ways to lose weight while building muscle, and much more.

In general, a UFC GYM trainer embodies the UFC attitude of strength, discipline, and a champion mindset. Putting that to work for your fitness goals can get you the results you want.

To check out your fitness options, from personal training to group fitness classes, sign up for a UFC GYM Free Pass today.

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