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What Functional Fitness Equipment Delivers the Best Results?

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Functional fitness is a manner of exercise that simulates movements used in everyday activities. To supplement some of the workouts in a functional fitness routine, equipment can be used to make it more challenging and even funner. Here are some of the most effective pieces of functional fitness equipment being used in gyms today.


Unlike typical workout equipment such as dumbbells and barbells, the weight in a sandbag will shift and move, requiring you to use more stabilizer muscles during certain lifts, which creates a more dynamic and challenging workout.

Sample Move: Squat to Press

Hold the sandbag with both hands over one shoulder. Lower into a squat position and, as you stand, lift the bag straight up over your head. Lower the sandbag to the opposite shoulder and perform another squat. Continue alternating sides.


The ViPR is a rubber-based cylinder used to combine full-body movement with load, enhancing the vitality, performance, and reconditioning goals of those who use it. In fact, ViPR is short for Vitality, Performance, and Reconditioning.

Sample Move: Overhead Circle

The ViPR is designed to be used in conjunction with many different workout movements. Holding a firm grip on both handles, lift and swing the ViPR up and around your head in a complete circle. Repeat and reverse.

Battle Ropes

Battle ropes offer full-body strength training combined with cardiovascular training, because the ropes require momentum to stay in the air and off the floor. The battle ropes create force and tension from the different angles that are harder to achieve with basic weight training; this works to confuse and surprise your muscles into making new gains.

Sample Move: Slam

Lift both ends of the rope overhead and then slam the rope down with full force onto the ground. Make sure to maintain good posture. This move engages your shoulders, arms, back, and core, especially your abs.

Medicine Ball

The medicine ball has come a long way since the ancient Greeks first discovered its benefit to training. It is a versatile piece of equipment used to improve health, explosive power, and speed. Several styles and sizes of medicine balls exist, offering different levels of training.

Sample Move: V Up

The medicine ball is a great addition to any core workout to increase strength and stamina. Lying on your back hold the medicine ball with both hands behind your head and toward one wall and extend your legs toward the opposite wall. Brace your abs, sit all the way up while raising your legs simultaneously, and reach for your toes with the ball. Your body should form a V shape at the top.


The TRX suspension trainer uses your own body weight combined with gravity to work every muscle. It delivers a fast, effective total-body workout that increases muscular endurance and strengthens the core with one simple piece of equipment.

Sample Move: TRX Pushup

The pushup itself is a great functional movement, but to add a little more of a challenge to the pushup, you can use the TRX suspension trainer. Hook the toes through the TRX straps, with the tops of your feet facing the floor. Lift your body up so that weight rests on the palms of your hands. While keeping your core tight, bend your elbows and lower your chest between your hands. You’ll feel your chest and shoulders working as you press back up to the start position. Maintain a tight core throughout the movement.

Many gyms and fitness centers have these types of functional fitness equipment and more. Schedule a session with a trainer or try a class today to get a feeling for the type of functional fitness equipment that suits you best.

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