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Try Something Different: 4 Questions About Kickboxing Classes Answered

4 Questions About Kickboxing Classes Answered.pngKickboxing classes are growing in popularity in gyms across the country, and it’s easy to see why. It’s a total-body workout that incorporates cardio and strength training and tones muscles while you perform plyometric movements and utilize your mental toughness, all at a high heart rate. And best yet, it’s fun! Kickboxing classes keep you free from weights, alleviate stress, and get you in shape. It’s a perfect workout for your body and spirit.

As a beginner to a new workout class, it’s easy to have questions surface before starting. If you’re on the fence about joining a kickboxing class, we have a number of reasons why you should join. Kickboxing will sharpen your senses and increase your discipline. If you’re already past the benefits and ready to move on, but you’re still wondering what you should expect, we came up with four of the most frequently asked questions on kickboxing classes.

1. Do I Need Experience, and Should I Be in Shape Before Starting?

No. Kickboxing is made for beginners to adapt to and react at their own level and, eventually, you will progress and advance to new challenges, so you’ll never feel stagnant. No one truly needs to be “in shape” for an introductory kickboxing class; however, that term is relative. Kickboxing is made to get you in shape, and it does it fast. If you feel you’re at zero experience, and you’re entirely unsure of your level of readiness, kickboxing classes at your own level are a fun, new way to work out and learn some self-defense techniques.

2. Will I Get Punched?

No. All contact in kickboxing classes is made directly onto punching bags, strike pads, and shields. Kickboxing classes are not sparring sessions. That’s a different class for different purposes. Kickboxing classes are strictly cardio workouts, and best yet, they’re stress relievers. Channeling your day’s stress and anguish into a punching bag is the easiest and quickest way to unwind your mind. So, the only thing really getting punched is your stress levels.

3. What Should I Wear?

Wear what you would normally wear to any workout class. It is best to wear clothes that allow a nice, flexible range in movement. Comfortable, lightweight shoes are recommended, as you will be kicking, but are not at all required. In addition to your own clothes, you’re expected to wear appropriate safety equipment like gloves, protective padding (if needed), and hand wraps. If you’re unfamiliar with any of the aforementioned kickboxing equipment, check out our tutorial on boxing classes, as there are various parallels between the two sports in terms of gear and execution.

4. Can I Bring a Friend?

You should, and you can! Having a buddy for workout classes will definitely keep you invested and motivated to not only keep going back to class but also to improve. There’s nothing wrong with a friendly competition on who can last longer in strike sessions.

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