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Why Kickboxing Classes Should Be Part of a Beginner's Fitness Goals

As a beginner to any gym, it can be challenging to find your routine. You’ll question what workouts you should focus on, how many days and hours you should attend, and what classes, if any, you should take. That’s why here at UFC GYM, we’re firm believers in starting off with a bang.

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4 Different Kinds of Fitness Classes for Your Kids

Getting your kids involved in exercise can have significant benefits that can last a lifetime. Not only will they likely be more physically active as they age, but fitness has been shown to have a ton of other advantages, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

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How to Prepare Your Child for Youth Fitness Classes

Getting your kids involved in fitness can bring significant benefits that go way beyond working up a sweat. Children and teens who get regular physical activity build skills, develop greater teamwork ability, and often have greater respect for themselves and those around them.

One smart way to get them on track is through youth fitness classes, which can offer a range of options from martial arts to yoga. To make sure that your child is poised to get the most out of these classes, consider these prep steps:

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The 4 Benefits of Kickboxing Classes for Kids

Study after study has shown that children and teenagers benefit from regular exercise, with advantages ranging from better study habits and a deeper interest in healthy food. In one study, just a 20-minute walk through a park helped kids with ADHD improve their symptoms.

So, where is a good place to start if your kids are more sedentary or don’t seem to be interested in sports at school? Many parents are finding that kickboxing can be the answer. This workout not only helps children stay physically fit, but offers a considerable range of other benefits, including these four:

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3 Fun Activities for Family Fitness

When it comes to fitness, the family that plays together gets tons of benefits together. Experts have noted that parents are the number-one source of how children feel about living a healthy lifestyle. Exercising together reinforces family bonds and creates new family traditions.

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Everything Parents Should Know About Youth Fitness Classes

When parents make the decision, with their child, to get them involved in fitness it promotes a healthy outlet that sustains them into adulthood. Focusing early on physical health will help kids improve athletic performance, build coordination, fight obesity, and gain a tremendous amount of confidence. Physical activity can also help students succeed in school—and in life. Regular participation in physical activity has been linked to enhancement of brain function and mood which can positively influencing academic performance and improve mood.

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Family Fitness: 4 Ways to Get Your Family Excited About Exercise

With schedule in hand, you begin to look at all the great-sounding fitness classes you can slot in, not to mention some solo workouts and personal training appointments to really up your game. But your family? Not so enthused.

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4 Active Ideas for Kids Who Love Watching Sports on TV

Just as we do every four years, many of us – and our kids – have spent a lot of time this summer watching elite competitions on television. These events have been inspiring and motivational — from gymnastics to swimming, top athletes truly show us the value of dedication and focus.

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Fitness for the Whole Family: Why Staying Fit Together Works Best

There are many types of gyms that are promoted as being family friendly, but at some of them, "kids activities" often involve being parked in front of a TV in a childcare area, or exercising only their thumbs because they're playing games on their iPads. At others, kids might get some activity, but it might be running around in a large space or inventing new forms of dodgeball.

That's unfortunate, because it represents a huge missed opportunity. When family members focus on fitness together—even if they're all pursuing different sports or workout options—it brings huge benefits in terms of family cohesion, motivating each other, and reduced stress.

For kids, taking classes that focus on skill building of some type can have advantages that extend far beyond the gym:

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Beyond the Ballfield: 5 Youth Fitness Classes to Excite Your Kids

Most kids know the drill when it comes to team sports. Show up to practice. Be a team player. Listen to the coach. Hustle. Learn the skills of the sport like throwing, tackling, shooting, sprinting, or catching. And if there’s a little too much goofing off, practice might even include running some laps or cranking out a round of push-ups.

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