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5 Unexpected Benefits of a Gym Membership

So it’s not Jan. 1st. Big deal. That doesn’t mean you have to wait until the next ball drops in Times Square to join a gym. If you’ve been on the fence about joining the gym, what’s holding you back? Fear of failure, forking over your hard-earned money, commitment?

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5 Ways to Add Functional Fitness Techniques to Your Workout Routine

Functional training is more than just a buzzword or a passing fad in fitness. The term “functional training” can conjure up a laundry list of ideas but the truth is, the exercises are simply full-body movements in multiple planes of motion that mirror the activities you do everyday. This can include such movements as:

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5 Fitness Classes Where You'll Get a Full Body Workout

The day-to-day hustle of our busy lives sometimes leaves us short on time to be able to get a full workout in as often as we would like. That makes the times when we do get to the gym even more important. To get the best out of your workouts with limited time, these fitness classes challenge the entire body, can torch fat, and tone muscles in half the time.

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Tips from a Personal Trainer: How to Stick with Your Workouts

You start out strong with your workout, gung ho in your resolve to stick with it this time around. Inevitably, the fire inside that inspires the reach for your goals begins to dim. Life can get in the way. One missed workout becomes two and soon you are off your path. But there are things you can do to stay on track and smash your goals. The following tips are inspired by the methods personal trainers use to keep their clients on the path to success.  

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Gym Membership vs At-Home Workouts: What You Should Know

Whether you're looking to get started with fitness or you're coming back after a few years, the biggest decision you're likely to make is: at-home workout or gym membership?

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Get Fit: The Best Workouts and Nutrition For You

This is your year to change your body and change your life. And you know you’ve got to take action to make it happen. You’ve thought about it a lot. And little things keep reminding you of what’s possible.
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MMA Conditioning for Athletes, Fighters, and You

mma-conditioning-athletes-fighters-you-528718-edited.jpgRegardless of your status as an athlete, a fighter, or a marketing manager, as long as your main goal is to improve yourself, MMA-style conditioning offers tremendous benefits. In fact, MMA conditioning is such an excellent source of physical activity, many NFL players seek an MMA-based workout to train for their impending season. That’s because it entails such an incredible a full body workout which prepares you for any physical goal you want to achieve whether it be a season in the NFL, a marathon or even a mud run.  

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The Logistics of Bodyweight Exercises: What, Where, Why and How

When US Air Force Lt. Colonel Geoffrey McClendon was in charge of whipping a team of Special Operations soldiers into shape to handle grueling training missions and be prepared for combat, he knew designing a training plan to develop brute force or hulking muscles wasn’t what his team needed.

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The Science of the HIIT Cardio Workout

Whatever it is you want to accomplish, there’s probably a shortcut to help you get what you want a little faster. Ask Siri, search Google, troll through YouTube videos, or ask your social network, and you can probably find a hack to help you. And that includes burning fat and calories, and a building a better-looking body.

So what’s the hack for fat loss and fitness? It’s called high-intensity interval training, aka HIIT. What is it? It’s a training strategy that involves completing exercises with near-maximum effort in short bursts, with brief rest periods in between. And if you’re ultra-busy, want to burn a ton of calories in a short amount of time, and tone up, this form of exercise should be the staple of your cardio workouts.

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How Boxing Techniques Can Take Your Workout from 0 to 100

When it comes to workouts, "slow and steady" has its place. But more often, you probably feel the need for speed — a quicker pace, faster results, and more energy from start to finish. Boxing techniques can get you there.

By focusing on mastering some basics, you can not only become more proficient at the sport, you can also do a full-body workout that takes your workout to the next level.

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30 Minute D.U.T Inspired Workout Benefits of High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Why I Chose UFC GYM