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Key Benefits of a Full-Body Workout Routine

You don’t have to look far to get workout advice, right? A quick Internet search and you can get your hands on an unlimited number of workout plans. Lift heavy. Lift light. Focus on circuit training. Do more cardio. Don’t do cardio. It can get confusing. And it’s one reason why some people hop from one training program to the next and never get the results they want. Sound familiar? So what’s the best way to work out?

It depends. But if you’re trying to get stronger, lose a few pounds, and improve your overall health, focus on full-body workout routines. It’s a training approach that targets every major muscle group in a single workout, and there are some key benefits to exercising this way.

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Are You Maximizing Your Workout in Group Fitness Classes?

Group fitness classes can be a top way to achieve your fitness goals, because combining cardio and strength training in one class gives you an efficient workout. Plus, you can choose from a range of classes that are ready to meet your fitness level, interests, and abilities.

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The 30-Minute Squat Challenge for a Quick Full-Body Workout

Want to fire up your metabolism, burn more fat and calories, build lean muscle, and improve cardiovascular endurance? If you’re a busy mom, work full-time, or both, or want to look like you’re in fight-ready shape, it’s a tall order when you’re pressed for time. But it’s not impossible.

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How to Get Started With a Personal Trainer

Maybe you’ve been on a certain fitness track for a while and feel like you really want to change it up, but you don’t know where to begin. Or perhaps you’re new to working out, and all those free weights and machines look a little too intimidating.

Either way, hiring a personal trainer can be a great way to help you reach your goals, learn proper form, and make the most out of your gym time. Because they’re experts in the field, they can make your workouts more efficient, and you’ll see faster results. Here are some tips for getting started:

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Inside the Boxing Gym: A Primer on Gear, Equipment, and Classes

Boxing has long remained one of the most popular sports in the world. Legendary fighters like Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, Joe Louis, Rocky Marciano, Manny Pacquiao, and Floyd Mayweather, along with many other stars, have brought worldwide fame and recognition to the sport. It has even spawned multiple award-winning movies like Rocky and Million Dollar Baby, that encompassed the emotion of what it is like being a fighter inside the ring.  

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4 Steps to An Even Better Upper Body Workout

As a way to build muscle quickly and more efficiently for upper body areas like triceps, shoulders, biceps, pectorals and other muscles, most people concentrate on strength routines that use free weights. While there's enormous value in "arm day" and you'll get some top results that way, why stop there?

Take your upper body workouts to a new level by incorporating some variety into your routine. By mixing it up with different strategies—rather than simply adding more weight on a consistent basis—you'll likely see better results in a shorter time. Here are some steps that can get you there:

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The Best Ab Workouts: Finding What Works for You

When people say they want to get “shredded” the immediate thought is a washboard set of abs so chiseled you can do your laundry on them. The fundamentals of training abs are much more than skin deep. Having a strong core stabilizes the spine and lessens the chance for injury. For a well-rounded ab workout, you need to target your abs from different angles. Here are a few tried and true best ab workouts. Experiment with them during your next workout and find out which one suits you best:

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4 Benefits of Seeing a Personal Trainer (That You Won't Get In an App)

With so many fitness apps and devices available, it seems like you can tweak a workout and set goals with just a few swipes and clicks. Apps let you track your food, gauge your effort level, set weight loss targets, and even guide you through strength training or yoga routines.

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How to Find a Personal Trainer to Help You Meet Your Fitness Goals

Whether you're just getting back into going to the gym or you're training for a race or competition, it's likely that you've set some fitness goals and you're ready to see progress as you work toward hitting that target. For many people, that's the moment that can feel overwhelming.

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6 Thoughts Everyone Has When They Start Seeing a Personal Trainer

Deciding to sign up with a personal trainer is a great first step towards attaining your fitness and health goals. The benefits of having a trainer at your back gives you motivation, encouragement, knowledge, and variety. When a client first signs up with a trainer a million thoughts can run through their mind. Trepidation is natural as you embark on something new. Fear not, a lot of people have the same questions when they first start out seeing a personal trainer. Some of the more common questions include:

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