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Top 6 Tips from Frankie Edgar for Your Next Workout

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MMA training is one of the best ways to keep your body in shape. When MMA fans are asked about who is one of the most well-conditioned athletes in the sport, the name Frankie “The Answer” Edgar is at the top of the list. Edgar’s conditioning is the product of putting in maximum effort into all of his workouts. Edgar maintains his conditioning largely from boxing/kickboxing and endurance drills. With kickboxing, you’re moving the biggest part of your body, your legs, and it takes a lot of energy to do that.

Here Frankie Edgar offers tips for your next workout:

1. Hip Thrusts

Targets: Glutes and builds strength, speed, and power

Power and lifting ability to hoist people off the ground comes from the hips. Edgar strengthens his hips by doing hip thrusts. Lying on your back, rest a barbell on your hips and press upwards until your legs are parallel with the ground.  

2. Glute Bridge

Targets: Glutes, quads

Fighters need a powerful base, and this move focuses on the glutes and legs like no other.

Lift your hips off the ground and and then return them to the floor at a controlled pace. To make it more difficult, you can emulate and “escape” move by rolling onto one shoulder while reaching upwards with your arm. If you feel too unbalanced, simply lift your hips up and down at a controlled pace and don’t worry about moving your shoulders.

3. Deadlifts

Targets: Quadriceps, hamstrings, biceps femoris

Deadlifts also contribute to a powerful base. Proper deadlift form starts with the weight on the floor, hands holding the bar about shoulder width apart. Pull the bar until you’ve locked your hips and knees. Return it to the floor by moving your hips back first and then bending your knees. It’s important to not round your back during the movement. Keep your lower back neutral throughout the movement to avoid injury.

4. Forward Lunge with Kick

Targets: Quads, hamstrings

During an MMA fight, a front kick is a tactical move used to move toward your opponent in an offensive movement. Incorporating a front kick with a forward lunge is one of Frankie Edgar’s preferred moves to work the legs. Holding your arms in front of your torso, step forward and perform a lunge. Shift your weight to your back foot and step back, lifting your front foot and kicking it straight out in front of out.

5. Roundhouse Kick

Targets: Glutes, hamstrings, core

A roundhouse kick can be a devastating move during a fight. For training purposes, it incorporates the full body with speed and precision as the rotation of your body to generates force. Step to the right side and perform a shallow squat. Bring your right foot back in and kick your left leg to the side, punching out your left arm at the same time.

6. Resistance Training with Bands

Rather than conventional weight lifting, Edgar focuses more on circuit training, which consists of a series of fast-paced resistance exercises involving various muscle groups, moderately heavy resistance and higher amounts of reps. Adding a resistance band to any of the above exercises will increase the level of difficulty.

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