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The 30-Minute Squat Challenge for a Quick Full-Body Workout

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Want to fire up your metabolism, burn more fat and calories, build lean muscle, and improve cardiovascular endurance? If you’re a busy mom, work full-time, or both, or want to look like you’re in fight-ready shape, it’s a tall order when you’re pressed for time. But it’s not impossible.

You could try circuit training with weights, show up for spin class, try MMA conditioning, or hit the track for sprint repeats. Done right, any one of these workouts will help you raise your heart rate and break a sweat. But you’ll have to get to the gym or the track to make it happen.

And that’s not always possible when life happens. Your little one is taking a nap. You’re out of town without easy access to a track or gym. Or your work, family schedule, and social life don’t always jibe with getting out the door for a workout. Sound familiar? It happens, but it doesn’t have to stop you from working out and hitting it hard to get in the best shape of your life.

Wanna Get Your Hustle On?

Try this 30-minute squat challenge, which you can do anywhere (home, gym, the office, a park).

You’ll give your metabolism a boost by targeting your legs (quads, hamstrings, glutes). In a lot of ways, it’s the secret sauce to getting results faster. Training your legs helps release hormones that build lean muscle, make you stronger, improve mobility, strengthen joints, and burn more calories even after your workout is over through excess post-exercise oxygen consumption.

And the way we’ve designed this 30-Minute Squat Challenge, you’ll not only torch your legs, but you’ll get a full-body workout while you’re at it. The exercises in this workout also target your core and engage upper-body muscles.

Get Started

Put on your favorite workout clothes and motivational playlist that will help you hustle. You’ll also need a solid chair or sturdy box for squat box jumps. If you don’t have either of these for squat box jumps, replace the exercise with squat jumps. And grab a towel and bottle of water—you’re gonna need both.

Check the Time

You’ll need a stopwatch, clock with a second hand, or, even better, a mobile app with an interval timer that lets you set a workout timer and a rest timer. If you don’t already have a mobile app with this feature, search the app store for “HIIT timer,” “interval timer,” or “tabata timer” and download one. Most have easy-to-set timers for the workout phase and rest phase.

Rules of Engagement

Hustle your way through this leg-burning, full-body workout. Complete as many reps as possible during each minute of the workout phase. If you’re too tired before one minute is up, rest a little and try to keep going. You’ll rest for 10 seconds between exercises. When you get to side lunges, you’ll do 30 seconds of the exercise per leg. One round of this workout will take about 10 minutes. Go for three rounds to complete the 30-Minute Squat Challenge for a Quick Full-Body Workout.

  • 1:00 Jack squats
  • 0:10 Rest
  • 1:00 Squat thrust/half burpees
  • 0:10 Rest
  • 1:00 Squat box jumps
  • 0:10 Rest
  • 1:00 Mountain climbers
  • 0:10 Rest
  • 1:00 Leg raises
  • 0:10 Rest
  • 1:00 Glute bridge
  • 0:10 Rest
  • 1:00 Jump lunges
  • 0:10 Rest
  • 1:00 Side lunges (30 seconds per side)
  • 0:10 Rest
  • 1:00 High knees
  • 0:10 Rest

Hustle through the exercises and repeat three times to complete the 30-Minute Squat Challenge for a Quick Full-Body Workout.

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