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Take These 3 Steps to Improve Your Boxing Techniques

Take These 3 Steps to Improve Your Boxing Techniques.png

Boxing will make you sweat! Utilizing your legs, arms, and core, boxing demands a great deal of stamina, conditioning, and, above all else, a clear, sharp mind to make your last strike as impactful as your first. It isn’t easy, but you’ve already experienced the benefits that the sport brings to your workout. And if you’re looking to how you can improve your already exciting workout and take your boxing skills to the next level, check out these three steps.

1. Core Strengthening  

Can you even think of a boxer without a strong-looking core? Even The Greatest, Muhammad Ali, had an impressive midsection. And it shouldn’t be a big surprise either. A boxer’s skills will start from the middle and permeate throughout the body:

  • Overall Improvement: Core strength will quite simply improve any boxer’s power, stance, posture, and positioning. A perfect way to incorporate some core workouts to your routine is adapting any variation on planks. This includes side planks and Spider-Man plank crunches.
  • Mobility: A strong core will increase flexibility and agility, two cornerstones for any boxer.

2. Jump Rope

It sounds simple enough, but jumping rope requires stability, agility, and, above all else, patience. You’ve seen too many Rocky montages to not think that jumping rope will improve your boxing game, but why is the classic child activity so crucial to working out? Well, a few reasons:

  • Footwork: A boxer’s entire game plan begins and ends with the feet. The power behind a punch, speed evasion, and stamina is all in the legs. The accuracy you need to jump rope will build your comfort and confidence in your foot accuracy.
  • Timing: A boxer’s punch is built on timing, and jumping rope will strengthen your wrist speed and flexibility. Other than your hop, jumping rope is all in the wrist, and developing speed and comfort in these two areas will improve your boxing game all around.

3. Learn From the Pros

It’s always helpful to see how the best boxers in the world are taking their boxing skills to the next level. Granted, no one is expecting your ability to be on par with world-class pros, but any workout can be adapted to fit your level of expertise.

Deontay Wilder: The WBC heavyweight champ has a unique workout, which maintains his balance. Wilder feels balance is a key ingredient in his successful formula. The routine takes place on a treadmill at a grade 9 incline. Wilder runs for 30 seconds, at 30 reps (with 30-second rests in between reps). It’s an intense workout, but set it to your own pace, and at a realistic rate, and this will prepare you at a near-world-class level.

Bernard Hopkins: The legendary light heavyweight boxer is retiring this December—amazingly at 51 years old. And he is a complete freak of nature. One of his keys to ring longevity is quite simply stretching. Hopkins says that making his muscles work so hard has improved his boxing game for the last 20 years, and that type of religious routine can only help you improve your personal routine.

By taking these three steps, you will see your boxing techniques improve in no time at all. If you are looking for a great boxing workout, try a class at UFC GYM with our free pass.

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