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Should Your Gym Membership Include Fitness Classes?


When seeking the best gym for you, there is likely a specific checklist of items that need to be met before making your final decision. Things like location, equipment availability, and cost are a few of the more important boxes that need to be checked. But at the top of your list should be your goals and the most effective way of reaching them.

If you’ve solely focused your search (and your workout) on hitting the weights, or jumping on a piece of cardio equipment for an hour, you may be missing an important component: consider the benefits of incorporating fitness classes into your program on the road to reaching your goals.

Whether you’re trying to tone up, build muscle, learn new skills, or improve overall conditioning, group fitness classes are an excellent addition to your training regimen. Fitness classes challenge you, add variety to your workout, and they’re fun too.

Benefits of Gym Memberships that Include Fitness Classes


When your gym membership includes fitness classes, you have the advantage of all-in-one pricing that allows you to both “hit the gym” and take a class (or a few). A la carte, fitness classes cost between $10 and $20 each. If you take three classes a week, you’re looking at $120 to $240 per month - way more than a gym membership, which should cost less than $100 (more frequently, less than $50) per month. Either way, you’re receiving instruction from a certified trainer, but when you combine your fitness class with a traditional gym membership, you also get access to cardio equipment, free weights and weight machines, and open gym space - a much better value.


When you attend fitness classes outside of a gym, the studio typically isn’t open when a class isn’t being taught. This means if your schedule changes from week to week and you can’t make it to a class, you have to find an alternative location where you can work out. If you don’t have space at home or the weather’s not compatible, you might find yourself joining a gym in addition to the fitness class.

Likewise, if you find that you want to lift weights or do some additional non-class work before or after your class, a studio isn’t the right fit. The instructor will be teaching the next class and you’ll be heading somewhere else.


Because they have many staff members with different specialties, larger gyms often have a wider variety of fitness classes than others. You will find dance fitness classes mixed with kickboxing conditioning, functional fitness training, and more. This variety means you’ll find a fitness class that meets your interests and your skill level.

Benefits of Fitness Classes

Fitness classes are structured to meet the diverse needs of people at all levels. No matter where you are starting out in terms of health and fitness, consistent attendance will bring about noticeable improvements. Of course, everyone’s body reacts differently to different workouts but one of the main benefits of taking a fitness class are the amount of calories you burn on average. For instance, a class such as kickboxing, which incorporates a total body workout, can burn roughly 500 to 800 calories in just one class.


Other than the exceptional physical benefits of a fitness class, there is also a built-in social component to them as well. Something magical happens when you break a sweat with others. You’re in the trenches together, encouraging each other to keep going. Fun is had and friendships are forged from the fire of an intense class workout. Those that sweat together, stay together. It is this type of camaraderie that makes you want to return each day to do it all again keeping you motivated and on track towards your goals.

Built-in Trainer

There are those days when we need an extra little kick in the pants to get us through the workout. Taking a class affords us, not only support of fellow students, but also the guidance of a certified instructor dedicated to motivating you through your best workout. They keep you responsible and honest with your performance output. The instructors are also there to take the guesswork out of your workout. Each class is designed with variety in mind so you never get the same workout twice. You can step into class and focus on your workout knowing you’re in good hands to get you great results.


Taking a fitness class is like making a set appointment. By making an appointment, you have dedicated time for fitness. This is important because going to the gym is easy to push off or not do if you are not required to be there at a specific time. With fitness classes, you make time for fitness, and will be on your way to a better body in no time.

If you’re evaluating fitness centers, look for the option to try a free pass or free class before committing to a membership. This gives you a chance to evaluate the class dynamic and find a class that suits your needs, goals, and schedule.

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