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MMA Classes for Everyone: Why Non-Fighters are Flocking to MMA Gyms

MMA gyms are increasing in popularity across the country, and it’s not just due to the ever-growing rise of UFC – it’s because MMA gyms can provide and offer more than any other gym around. The fundamentals of MMA gyms revolve around defending yourself inside the ring, but once the competition aspect is taken out of the equation, an MMA workout stands out as a unique and truly optimal form of conditioning and fitness. Here are four reasons why everyone is sprinting to start an MMA workout:.

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MMA Conditioning for Athletes, Fighters, and You

mma-conditioning-athletes-fighters-you-528718-edited.jpgRegardless of your status as an athlete, a fighter, or a marketing manager, as long as your main goal is to improve yourself, MMA-style conditioning offers tremendous benefits. In fact, MMA conditioning is such an excellent source of physical activity, many NFL players seek an MMA-based workout to train for their impending season. That’s because it entails such an incredible a full body workout which prepares you for any physical goal you want to achieve whether it be a season in the NFL, a marathon or even a mud run.  

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The Logistics of Bodyweight Exercises: What, Where, Why and How

When US Air Force Lt. Colonel Geoffrey McClendon was in charge of whipping a team of Special Operations soldiers into shape to handle grueling training missions and be prepared for combat, he knew designing a training plan to develop brute force or hulking muscles wasn’t what his team needed.

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The Science of the HIIT Cardio Workout

Whatever it is you want to accomplish, there’s probably a shortcut to help you get what you want a little faster. Ask Siri, search Google, troll through YouTube videos, or ask your social network, and you can probably find a hack to help you. And that includes burning fat and calories, and a building a better-looking body.

So what’s the hack for fat loss and fitness? It’s called high-intensity interval training, aka HIIT. What is it? It’s a training strategy that involves completing exercises with near-maximum effort in short bursts, with brief rest periods in between. And if you’re ultra-busy, want to burn a ton of calories in a short amount of time, and tone up, this form of exercise should be the staple of your cardio workouts.

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Getting Started with Kickboxing Classes: Training Like Holly Holm

Whether you’re confused, intimidated or perhaps just not interested, let’s tell you this: kickboxing in an excellent class to take if you want an exciting, high cardio, fat shredding, workout. If you still don’t believe us, consider this: defending women’s bantamweight champion Holly Holm got her start with boxing and kickboxing classes before her professional career.

Holm’s extensive MMA history started with aerobics and lead into kickboxing. She had an amateur record of 6-0-2, and turned pro in just under two years and eventually developed an impressive career in boxing. Holm’s diverse training background was arguably the key ingredient in defeating Ronda Rousey, one of the greatest upsets in recent sports history.

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How Boxing Techniques Can Take Your Workout from 0 to 100

When it comes to workouts, "slow and steady" has its place. But more often, you probably feel the need for speed — a quicker pace, faster results, and more energy from start to finish. Boxing techniques can get you there.

By focusing on mastering some basics, you can not only become more proficient at the sport, you can also do a full-body workout that takes your workout to the next level.

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How to Use Functional Fitness Equipment for a Killer Arm Workout

When you glance around a gym, it's easy to understand the functions of various equipment pieces, like treadmills, free weights, cycles, and elliptical trainers. But what's up with that huge freestanding framework with all the stuff hanging off it? Basically, it's your new best friend for a killer arm workout.

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Lessons for Your Fitness Plan from UFC Fighters' Preparations

When it comes to seeing results from your fitness, you don't just need determination and a good pair of shoes — it takes planning. Putting together a cohesive plan that allows you to progress at a predictable pace is one of the keys to using your gym time wisely. Instead of taking a few classes here and there and throwing in some cardio time when you can, a plan will provide a path toward better fitness.

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Should MMA Classes Take the Place of Traditional Cardio Training?

People decide to incorporate workouts into their lives for a variety of reasons: to gain muscle, improve conditioning, cut calories and burn body fat. Most of all, the reason people decide to begin a workout program is to look and feel their best by getting into great shape. To some, getting and maintaining this level of top-notch health and fitness feels more like work rather than an enjoyable activity. This is why most New Year’s Resolutions fall short come spring time.

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6 MMA-Style Conditioning Workouts that Benefit Everyone

When you watch a Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) bout, two things are on full display: super enthusiastic fans, and plenty of rock-solid muscles. Although it takes fighters years to get those hard bodies (and cheerleaders), you don't need to make MMA your full-time job to get high-level benefits.

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