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3 Ways Functional Fitness Classes Will Affect Your Everyday Life

The numerous benefits of exercise are well known at this point, from increasing muscle strength to improving sleep. But unless your work involves lifting barbells or doing a yoga crow pose, it might seem like there isn't much crossover between what happens in the gym and what you do in everyday life.

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Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Classes 101

Brazilian jiu-jitsu, also known as BJJ, is a popular form of ground fighting in martial arts. BJJ originated in Japan but grew in popularity throughout the world when one of the most influential names in mixed-martial arts, Royce Gracie, popularized the fighting style and revolutionized MMA with his results contributing to the movement towards grappling and ground fighting in the sport.

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5 Fitness Classes Where You'll Get a Full Body Workout

The day-to-day hustle of our busy lives sometimes leaves us short on time to be able to get a full workout in as often as we would like. That makes the times when we do get to the gym even more important. To get the best out of your workouts with limited time, these fitness classes challenge the entire body, can torch fat, and tone muscles in half the time.

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Tips from a Personal Trainer: How to Stick with Your Workouts

You start out strong with your workout, gung ho in your resolve to stick with it this time around. Inevitably, the fire inside that inspires the reach for your goals begins to dim. Life can get in the way. One missed workout becomes two and soon you are off your path. But there are things you can do to stay on track and smash your goals. The following tips are inspired by the methods personal trainers use to keep their clients on the path to success.  

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Gym Membership vs At-Home Workouts: What You Should Know

Whether you're looking to get started with fitness or you're coming back after a few years, the biggest decision you're likely to make is: at-home workout or gym membership?

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How Kickboxing Classes Promote Healthy Lifestyles for Kids

As school systems cut down on recess and gym classes, it's more important than ever for kids to get physical activity during other parts of their days. Exercise has a stunning amount of benefits for children and teenagers, from preventing obesity to encouraging better eating habits.

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Should Your Gym Membership Include Fitness Classes?

When seeking the best gym for you, there is likely a specific checklist of items that need to be met before making your final decision. Things like location, equipment availability, and cost are a few of the more important boxes that need to be checked. But at the top of your list should be your goals and the most effective way of reaching them.

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Get Fit: The Best Workouts and Nutrition For You

This is your year to change your body and change your life. And you know you’ve got to take action to make it happen. You’ve thought about it a lot. And little things keep reminding you of what’s possible.
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What is “Functional Fitness”? Why you should try these classes today

What’s your fitness goal? For elite athletes, that might be winning a race, fight, or competition. But if you’re like most people, total domination on the court, in the Octagon or on the field probably isn’t your goal.

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Boxing Classes for Absolute Beginners: How to Get Started

The benefits of boxing are so wide-ranging that classes are starting to become more popular than ever, and likely to keep filling up. But for absolute beginners, the sight of all those heavy bags and boxing gloves can feel a little intimidating. Not to worry — it's easy to get started and feel like a seasoned pro in no time.

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