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4 Benefits of Seeing a Personal Trainer (That You Won't Get In an App)

With so many fitness apps and devices available, it seems like you can tweak a workout and set goals with just a few swipes and clicks. Apps let you track your food, gauge your effort level, set weight loss targets, and even guide you through strength training or yoga routines.

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How to Find a Personal Trainer to Help You Meet Your Fitness Goals

Whether you're just getting back into going to the gym or you're training for a race or competition, it's likely that you've set some fitness goals and you're ready to see progress as you work toward hitting that target. For many people, that's the moment that can feel overwhelming.

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What Non Fighters Need to Know Before a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Class

Every class has its own distinctive blend of moves and techniques, and that can be most apparent in a martial arts class. What you learn in Muay Thai won't be the same as Capoeira, even though both can train you to think quickly and act with strength in a conflict.

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu definitely has its own unique blend of strategies and nuances. Widely considered one of the most effective fight training styles in the world, this martial art offers plenty of advantages for people at every skill level, even those who've never had a single minute of fight training.

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6 Thoughts Everyone Has When They Start Seeing a Personal Trainer

Deciding to sign up with a personal trainer is a great first step towards attaining your fitness and health goals. The benefits of having a trainer at your back gives you motivation, encouragement, knowledge, and variety. When a client first signs up with a trainer a million thoughts can run through their mind. Trepidation is natural as you embark on something new. Fear not, a lot of people have the same questions when they first start out seeing a personal trainer. Some of the more common questions include:

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Gi or No Gi: How to Find the Right Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Class

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is widely considered one of the most effective real-life fight training practices in the world. Since so many fights tend to end up with combatants on the ground — including UFC matches — learning how to use leverage and strength is essential.

There are two types of classes: those that require students to wear the type of Gi that is standard in martial arts classes, and those in which students can wear whatever workout clothes they like.

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5 Unexpected Benefits of a Gym Membership

So it’s not Jan. 1st. Big deal. That doesn’t mean you have to wait until the next ball drops in Times Square to join a gym. If you’ve been on the fence about joining the gym, what’s holding you back? Fear of failure, forking over your hard-earned money, commitment?

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Beyond the Ballfield: 5 Youth Fitness Classes to Excite Your Kids

Most kids know the drill when it comes to team sports. Show up to practice. Be a team player. Listen to the coach. Hustle. Learn the skills of the sport like throwing, tackling, shooting, sprinting, or catching. And if there’s a little too much goofing off, practice might even include running some laps or cranking out a round of push-ups.

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CrossFit vs. MMA Training: 4 Things You Should Know

Maintaining a fitness program comes down to picking one that works for you and that you enjoy doing. This approach will help you to stick with your training when the going gets tough. Some people prefer a large-gym setting, while others prefer specialty facilities like Crossfit gyms or Mixed-martial arts (MMA) style gyms. Both offer high intensity training, variety, and challenging workouts. So which is better? Here are some things you should know before deciding which option is best for you:

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5 Ways to Add Functional Fitness Techniques to Your Workout Routine

Functional training is more than just a buzzword or a passing fad in fitness. The term “functional training” can conjure up a laundry list of ideas but the truth is, the exercises are simply full-body movements in multiple planes of motion that mirror the activities you do everyday. This can include such movements as:

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What to Expect After Your First Month of MMA Classes

Launching into mixed martial arts (MMA) classes can sometimes feel intimidating, especially if this is your first time doing any type of martial arts training. But be assured that you've made a great pick. MMA classes blend cross-functional training techniques that build strength, stamina, endurance and discipline.

Best of all, it doesn't take long before you'll begin to see results. Give yourself a month of MMA classes, and this is what you can expect:

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