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Michael Bisping's Favorite 4 Leg Workouts

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UFC fighters work on their conditioning everyday to develop the explosive movement and fast reaction time they need to be able to direct all their force in multiple directions with the blink of an eye. The power behind every move used inside the Octagon, whether it be a punch, kick, or takedown, all generates from the ground up. Building the legs lets you generate extra force and power. It takes a well-rounded approach targeting the quads, hamstrings, and calves to get the required strength and endurance needed to tangle with any opponent. Middleweight UFC fighter Michael “The Count” Bisping knows how to work his legs. With a mixture of boxing / kickboxing, wrestling, jiu-jitsu and sparring, plus weights and circuit training twice a week, is the type of work ethic that won him the UFC Middleweight Championship.

Here are some of Michael Bisping’s favorite leg workouts:

1. Bunny Hop

Used as part of the warm-up process, Bisping uses the bunny hop move. Starting on the balls of your feet you bend your knees until your thighs become parallel with the floor. From there you, jump forward as far as you can to land on the balls of your feet once more. Repeat the movement for 3 sets of 10 reps.

2. Lunges

The lunge is one of Bisping’s staple moves because of the fact that they use similar muscles as those that are used when performing a takedown. Start standing with your feet parallel then take a large step forward with one foot. Remain looking forward with your chest in an upright position. Brush your trailing knee gently against the mat or floor, without extending your lead knee past your toes. Then power back with your front leg and repeat with the other leg to do 3 sets of 10 reps.

3. Explosive Romanian Deadlifts

The Romanian deadlift by itself is a staple move for building power in the hamstrings and glutes. Instead of lifting heavy on the movement, Bisping prefers to be explosive in his lifts. Start with your head up, looking forward, your core braced and your feet shoulder-width apart. Lean forward from the hips and unlock your knees. Let the bar travel down your shins until you feel a good stretch in your hamstrings. Explode upwards back to your original position. This movement can be more advanced for those just starting out with their workout routine. Its best to get the fundamentals of the Romanian deadlift down first before adding the explosive element to it. Start with 3 sets of 8 reps.

4. Knee Bounds

Most MMA fighters use the knee-bound movement to improve their transition speed from the ground to a standing position. This is a slightly more advanced movement that works the hips and lower body, particularly the structure of the knee. Doing 3 sets of 10 reps be sure to do this movement on a soft floor. Start in the same position as the bunny hop. Drop forwards onto your knees, then drive forwards with your hips and jump forward. Land on the balls of your feet and repeat.

Always warm-up and stretch before diving right into any of these leg workouts. And it’s important to remember that, although these techniques may work for Michael Bisping, they may not be suitable for everybody. If you have questions about performing any of the aforementioned exercises, ask a personal trainer or MMA coach.

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