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How to Find a Personal Trainer to Help You Meet Your Fitness Goals


Whether you're just getting back into going to the gym or you're training for a race or competition, it's likely that you've set some fitness goals and you're ready to see progress as you work toward hitting that target. For many people, that's the moment that can feel overwhelming.

How do you set a schedule that will take you from one step to another? What blend of strength training and cardio do you need? How can classes fit into the mix, and what type should you take? The questions can be daunting — but fortunately, there are fitness professionals who know the answers. Personal trainers help to develop plans focused on results and progress, and can guide you through plateaus and roadblocks. Here are some tips on finding one that works well with you:

1. Read the bios of trainers at your gym

Although every personal trainer has a passion for fitness, they each offer a unique blend of expertise and approach. If you're looking for someone to help you build muscle through weight training, find out which trainers have experience in that area. You might want to combine one-on-one training with functional fitness to enhance performance in certain disciplines like judo or Muay Thai; in that case, find a trainer who has that background.

2. Confirm the credentials

Your trainer should have gone through the training necessary to be able to guide you effectively, with awareness about injury prevention and appropriate effort levels. Double check that the trainer is certified as a fitness professional. If you want coaching in a particular sport, also make sure that he or she has experience and training in that area.

3. Narrow it down to a few choices

Everyone has preferences. You might prefer training with a female trainer instead of a male trainer, or you want someone with knowledge of nutrition and weight loss instead of muscle building and mixed martial arts. Think about your goals and then choose a few trainers that you think can get you there.

4. Have a conversation about training style

Make an appointment for a tryout session, and ask to have a conversation as part of that time block. You're hiring someone for the job of getting you to a goal, so it's advisable to do a mini interview about what seems to work for other clients, and what type of plan the trainer would put in place for you.

Trainers can be a huge boost for getting you to your fitness goals — but only if you find the right fit. Not everyone meshes well together, so consider doing a few sessions first to see if that trainer's style works for you. After a session, you should feel like you were challenged and motivated, and gave maximum effort. If not, you may want to try a few sessions with someone else.

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