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How Kickboxing Classes Promote Healthy Lifestyles for Kids


As school systems cut down on recess and gym classes, it's more important than ever for kids to get physical activity during other parts of their days. Exercise has a stunning amount of benefits for children and teenagers, from preventing obesity to encouraging better eating habits.

Kickboxing, in particular, can give kids the workouts they need to stay physically fit, but the advantages extend beyond what's happening in class. Here's what else kickboxing offers to younger students:

Injury Prevention

Older athletes know that a major part of any sport or fitness plan should be improving their form in order to prevent injury, in addition to building strength and endurance. Kids don't often have this as a goal, but it's okay, because kickboxing will help them prevent injuries anyway.

Because class focuses on so many different muscle movements, including kicking, pad work, and core strengthening exercises, students are able to work all major muscle groups and achieve full range of motion. This helps to protect their joints, and prevent now-common issues like stress fractures, tendinitis, and tissue damage.

The combination of injury prevention and skill building brings a sense of self-respect to kids, and awareness about how their bodies operate. With that type of knowledge, they gain confidence that extends into other parts of their lives.

Teamwork & Discipline

In many ways, kickboxing emphasizes individual skill, but there's also a strong emphasis on camaraderie. As in other martial arts, classes have partner drills that pair kids together and have them work with each other on specific skills.

Being able to team up with others and achieve a common goal is one of the healthiest habits a kid can put in place. This skill will follow a child or teenager through life, setting them up for stronger emotional connections and even professional success throughout life.

In addition to better teamwork and socialization, they'll learn self-discipline and focus. Many parents whose children have attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder have reported that kickboxing and other martial arts have a huge effect on how these children learn self-control.


One of the most important aspects of kickboxing classes for kids is that they're fun. That might seem like a minor benefit, but when kids enjoy an activity, they want to keep doing it—and that sets them up for a lifetime of healthier habits.

Kickboxing classes might result in an interest in martial arts in a few years, or participating in higher levels of kickboxing. Whatever path they choose, kids will have a vital foundation, because they understand that exercise doesn't have to be a chore, it can be a way to stay strong, spend time with friends, and see progress in a specific activity.

This leads to a wealth of other healthy habits, like having solid self-esteem, eating better, sleeping in more appropriate amounts (especially important for teens), and maintaining focus on their goals. The earlier kids embrace exercise and fitness, the more likely it is that they’ll be set up for a lifetime of healthy choices.

If your kids want to get in on the array of benefits that kickboxing offers, try a UFC Gym Free Pass so they can give class—and new healthy habits—a tryout.

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