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How Boxing Techniques Can Take Your Workout from 0 to 100


When it comes to workouts, "slow and steady" has its place. But more often, you probably feel the need for speed — a quicker pace, faster results, and more energy from start to finish. Boxing techniques can get you there.

By focusing on mastering some basics, you can not only become more proficient at the sport, you can also do a full-body workout that takes your workout to the next level.

Here are four boxing techniques that will take you way past the speed limit:

1. Footwork

Televised boxing matches don't feature the camera panning down to the boxers' feet, but maybe they should. Footwork is incredibly important in boxing, because it allows a fighter to improve endurance, balance, and speed. By constantly moving, they are always in a position of being able to flip between offense and defense.

In a workout, footwork amps up your progress by boosting cardio, even when you're concentrating on throwing punches. In addition to a boxing class, try out classes that keep you moving, like MUVZ Fitness.

2. Plyometrics

Boxers need to react unbelievably fast — many times, they rely on their fast-twitch muscle fibers to react before their brains can process what's happening. To build up that kind of skill, they rely on plyometric exercises, such as:

  • Box jumps
  • Single leg jump squats
  • One-leg hops

Sometimes known as "jump training," these exercises require maximum effort in very short time intervals, resulting in explosive movements. Practice these in a Boxing Conditioning or MAYHEM class and you'll zoom toward more power and agility in your workouts.

3. Circuits

When they train, boxers attempt to simulate time in the ring by doing circuits. These allow them to expend their energy in concentrated timeframes, just as they would in the ring. During a circuit, they move from one task to the next, like punching a heavy bag to jumping rope to ducking and weaving.

Circuits are a fantastic strategy for turning your workout up to high speed, because you can use multiple types of equipment, work numerous muscle groups, and build endurance. Check out a class that's specifically focused on circuit training, such as Fight Fit or Circuit Breaker.

4. Focus

Boxing requires mental agility as well as physical skill. To fight, you need to be able to put yourself in the present moment, eliminate distractions, and give it everything you've got. Professional fighters like Chris Algieri incorporate practices like meditation and yoga into their training.

You don't need to sit quietly in the middle of the gym to get the same effect, either. Simply learning how to stay present and focused on your task can come as a result of training your mind as well as your body. Classes like Mind/Body Mashup and Restorative Yoga can be helpful for developing more focus, while getting a great workout along the way.

Because of all these strategies, boxing is truly a full-body workout that gets you results fast, and gives you numerous advantages like working every muscle group and reducing injury risk.

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