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How BJJ Can Change Your Life

How_BJJ_Can_Change_Your_Life.jpgMartial arts such as Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu (BJJ) teach students how to maneuver around opponents with physical skill, however it also provides lessons that carry over into your everyday life. It’s one of the many reasons Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu students become so connected to its deeply profound martial arts culture.   

Failure Makes You Stronger

Especially if you are new to BJJ, the experience can be humbling. Learning the martial art of BJJ will mean practicing with partners who are more experienced. At some point, you’ll tap out. Accepting that these situations are intended to make you better and more skilled creates patience and acceptance that we are always learning.

Respect Always Wins

Even in professional UFC fights such as Anderson Silva vs Michael Bisping, it is the declaration of respect that outweighs victory. Even though Silva lost in the match by a few points, both UFC fighters shook hands backstage afterwards in show of true sportsmanship. In the martial art of BJJ, victory or defeat still demands respect by both fighters.

There Are No Shortcuts to Success

In order to be a better fighter, you must be willing to put in the effort to master the necessary skills. Even for some of the best fighters, their success can be attributed to their relentless amount of practice. Mastery is only achieved through practice, repetition, and time.

Learning to Adapt is Essential

While grappling, you must be willing to adapt to anything your opponent throws at you. This means being willing to adapt to any situation. In BJJ, you may find yourself trapped in a submission hold and feel tapping out is the most logical solution. However, students must learn to adapt and first find alternative solutions. It’s the willingness to adapt that could mean the difference between tapping out and escaping a submission hold. As in life, you must be ready for anything.

Confidence is a Motivating Force

As you practice BJJ and find your skillset increasing and improving, there is a natural sense of pride and accomplishment that follows. As you get better, your confidence rises and this feeling translates across different areas of life such as work and family. This confidence can builds upon itself and can create even more success in and outside of the BJJ mat room.

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