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Gym Membership vs. Fitness App: Which Will Help You Reach Your Goals?

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Fitness goals can encompass a wide range of aims, from the general declaration of “I want to get in shape” to the more specific “I want to lose 50 pounds this year.” Even though they might vary based on the individual, there are usually two main ways to get to those goals: hit the gym or tackle them solo.

There are advantages to each, especially with so many fitness apps now available. If you choose to do the on-your-own route, you could have workouts and trainer encouragement in your pocket, accessible from anywhere. But the gym may have an edge in some respects, because it can lead to more accountability and motivation. Let’s take a look at each:

Fitness Apps

Part of the appeal of fitness apps is that, at this point, you can choose from a stunning array of customized choices.

But here’s the tough part: You have to drum up the motivation on your own to keep going. That can be difficult for many people, because a few recovery days might turn into a few more, and then it’s harder to get back on track. Also, some apps require quite a bit of input, which some people might feel is too time-consuming, especially with busy work and home schedules.

And finally, you have to actually use them to see benefit. A recent report noted that about a third of all fitness trackers are abandoned after six months of use. With smartphone apps, you have to be sure to update the apps regularly to get new features and security patches, and that can lead to more abandonment. One technology analyst estimates that 90 percent of app users stop using a new app after one month.

Gym Time

At the gym, it’s much tougher to simply abandon an effort in the middle of working out. Sure, you can leave a group class in the middle or tell a personal trainer that you’re done after 15 minutes, but unless you’re struggling with injury, it’s highly doubtful that would actually happen.

Instead, being at the gym, surrounded by others who are putting in effort toward reaching their goals, is often more motivating than any bing or beep coming off your fitness tracker or smartphone.

The gym also offers personal trainers who can help you get more specific with your goals and work with you to develop a customized plan that can set smaller goals that let you see progress and speed toward results.

Combo Pack

What may turn out to be ideal for some people is to choose both apps and the gym. For example, you could do workouts and group classes at the gym, which will give you the motivation to keep reaching toward your goals, but you could use an app to determine progress like heart rate, body fat percentage, strength-training personal records, and other data.

Harnessing the benefits of each can be a smart way to stay on track and speed toward those larger aims, whatever they might be.

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