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Getting Started with Kickboxing Classes: Training Like Holly Holm

get-started-with-kickboxing-classes-holly-holm-939290-edited.jpgWhether you’re confused, intimidated or perhaps just not interested, let’s tell you this: kickboxing in an excellent class to take if you want an exciting, high cardio, fat shredding, workout. If you still don’t believe us, consider this: defending women’s bantamweight champion Holly Holm got her start with boxing and kickboxing classes before her professional career.

Holm’s extensive MMA history started with aerobics and lead into kickboxing. She had an amateur record of 6-0-2, and turned pro in just under two years and eventually developed an impressive career in boxing. Holm’s diverse training background was arguably the key ingredient in defeating Ronda Rousey, one of the greatest upsets in recent sports history.

Kickboxing for Holm is an incredible foundation for what she delivers inside the octagon, but for you, kickboxing could lead to a fitness nirvana, as this high-energy cardio class will at the very least, teach you how to throw a solid punch. Here are a few steps to help you get started after you sign up to your first kickboxing class:

Set some goals

It sounds simple enough, but think about what you want to get out of kickboxing. Are you just looking for a great workout? Awesome. You’re at the right place.

Are you worried about accidentally getting struck? It’s not going to happen. The punching bag will take all of the punishment and that’s it (more on this below).

Are you using this a stepping-stone for your career as an MMA fighter? That’s okay too, but understand a kickboxing class is not Fighting 101. It’s a very, very basic introduction to one style of fighting, but it will in no way teach you every technique of Holly Holm. But if it’s a workout style you enjoy, there are plenty of related MMA Classes to continue training with.

Finally, be realistic about your performance. Kickboxing demands a lot energy with little wasted motion on your body, so enter each class knowing it will be a challenge and you should perform at your own comfort level.

Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate

This should be the case for every workout you perform, but kickboxing will make you sweat. A lot. You should absolutely always have a bottle of water nearby, but before you head into class, make sure you’ve put in a good amount of water into your body, and pre-hydrate the night before. Don’t over do it, be sensible: you wouldn’t drink a gallon of water before a half marathon, and the same applies for kickboxing.

Safety First

Kickboxing can sound like it’s an introductory course in Mixed Martial Arts, but it’s not. You’ll throw kicks and punches, yes, but it’s strictly towards a punching bag. And you’ll always have to wear the appropriate equipment for protection in kickboxing. That means gloves, hand tape, and maybe some gear for your feet if necessary. Check with your gym or instructor about the gear you need to get started.

Release the negative energy

Everyone has a bad day. Whether it’s frustration from the office or just a string of bad luck in your personal life, you can always channel that energy and turn it into a positive in kickboxing. And by the end of class, you’ll leave with a clear mind. Better yet, if you’re having a great day already, set aside some time before class to quietly meditate somewhere so you can clear your thoughts to perfectly pair your mind and body before getting the best workout for your body.

If you feel you’re ready to get started on kickboxing, request a UFC GYM free pass today.




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