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Family Fitness: 4 Ways to Get Your Family Excited About Exercise


With schedule in hand, you begin to look at all the great-sounding fitness classes you can slot in, not to mention some solo workouts and personal training appointments to really up your game. But your family? Not so enthused.

It can be tough to stay motivated and get fit when family members and your spouse may be feeling otherwise. Instead of trying to guilt them into going to the gym—a tactic that almost always backfires in the long run—work instead on bringing them up to your level of excitement about the effort. Here are some ways to get the whole family on board:

Chat About Their Interests

Even when someone doesn't seem to be interested in fitness, a quick review of their passions might uncover a good match for workouts. For example, your spouse might love action movies where there's plenty of jumping off buildings or high-speed chases. Sounds like a great fit for Parkour. Or maybe a love for dance movies has you sitting through yet another viewing of Step Up. So why not recommend a class like MUVZ Fitness? Build on whatever your family already finds fun by combining that with a fitness element.

Make Activity a Reward

Everyone loves good, healthy competition, and you can use that to your advantage. Set up a contest based on how many times per month each family member goes to the gym, or attends fitness classes. But make sure that the reward falls in line with staying active, to keep the enthusiasm high. For instance, the "prize" could be choosing a destination for a family bike ride, or visiting a waterpark. The more you incorporate these kind of activities into the "treat" category, the more your family will see physical activity as an incentive instead of something to endure on the way to a "real" reward.

Learn Together

When some people think of "exercise," they imagine activities that bore them, which leads to low interest levels. But learning something new can revise that definition. For example, try snowshoeing lessons in the winter if you've never tried it, or taking on indoor rock climbing or kayaking as a family. To increase enthusiasm even more, take turns deciding on the next learning adventure, so everyone feels invested and involved.

Explore Youth Fitness Classes

Whether your kids are involved in sports or prefer video games, youth fitness classes can offer them unique benefits, like learning martial arts or kickboxing, and advancing in a class so they feel a sense of progress. You can even get the whole family involved in a class like Family D.U.T., a boot camp class that relies on circuit training routines and fun fitness challenges like battleropes and kettlebells. Kids tend to love obstacle course races and mud runs, so this type of class can make them feel like being active isn't something to dread.

With classes and smart tactics like active rewards, you can have the whole family checking the schedule for fitness opportunities. To look for fitness classes suitable for kids and adults, sign up for a UFC GYM Free Pass.

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