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Everything Parents Should Know About Youth Fitness Classes


When parents make the decision, with their child, to get them involved in fitness it promotes a healthy outlet that sustains them into adulthood. Focusing early on physical health will help kids improve athletic performance, build coordination, fight obesity, and gain a tremendous amount of confidence. Physical activity can also help students succeed in school—and in life. Regular participation in physical activity has been linked to enhancement of brain function and mood which can positively influencing academic performance and improve mood.


Through safe and practical exercise progression, coaches, trainers, and parents can help children and young adults start on a path to improved health and fitness. First, before choosing a fitness class it’s important to know what your goals are as a parent, what your child’s goals are, and what type of activity will sustain them in the long haul.  These goals can change over time but knowing as much as you can going in will make your decisions much easier.


Before considering a youth fitness class find out everything you can about the instructors that teach there. Some good questions to consider are:

  • Is it more than one instructor for the class?
  • How is their class structured?
  • What’s their education or background?
  • What’s their teaching experience?


The second big consideration when choosing a fitness class is the gym, studio, or academy or training facility where the class is being held. Not every fitness center is built the same way. Whether you’ll be joining your child at the fitness center or not you’ll want it to be a safe and clean environment. Some things you’ll want to keep an eye out for are:

  • Cleanliness of the facility
  • Variety of equipment, is it old or new?
  • Safety issues such as sharp edges or broken equipment

Most fitness centers and gyms will give you a tour of the facility before you sign up. During this tour it is also the perfect opportunity to ask about any youth related programs they may offer. Keep in mind some gyms do not have kids class, or have an age restriction, while others will have a large variety of classes suitable for all ages. If you do some research before, during, and after your visit to your local gym it will cut down on confusion in making a decision and put you at ease when you finally sign up. For extra assurance, you can also ask some other parents what facilities they recommend.

Fitness For the Whole Family

Depending which fitness center you choose there will be a full range of options on which you can pick from. Most kids classes and training are designed to develop strong athletic and motivational skills with an emphasis on learning respect, discipline, and promoting confidence. Some classes include:

UFC GYM also offers family Daily Ultimate Training (D.U.T.)™ classes where kids and parents can train in martial arts and get fit as a team, together. Joining a fitness class WITH your child is a great opportunity to bond with them while you both contribute to a health lifestyle.

The best way to decide which youth fitness class would be right for your child, you can ask to view one in action or to even get a free trial to see how your child likes it.

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