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Do You Get a Better Full Body Workout In a Fitness Class?

Do_You_Get_a_Better_Full_Body_Workout_In_a_Fitness_Class.jpgYou’ve got your schedule figured out with work, kids and everything else, so you know exactly when you’ll have time to hit the gym. Figuring that out means you’ve already jumped one of the biggest hurdles that keeps people from sticking with an exercise program.

But now that you’ve got the time, do you work out on your own or show up to a fitness class?

“Get to class” sounds a little like something a stodgy principal would say, right? Well, it turns those educators of our youth were onto something. There’s nothing wrong with working out on your own, especially if you’re the driven, self-motivated type who’s always chasing your next personal best. But if that same principal saw you at the gym taking long water breaks, hitting the smoothie bar, or chatting with friends instead of working out, you just might hear him say, “You’re a slacker.”

If your solo effort to get in shape doesn’t quite make the grade, get to class. You’ll get a better full body workout in a fitness class, along with other important health benefits, than working out on your own.

Better Hustle, Better Results

When you follow along with an instructor who provides directions and encouragement in a room full of people, along with cycles, yoga mats, heavy bags, or free weights, and you’ll get better results.

Why? Showing up to class to get a full body workout takes the guesswork out of coming up with your own exercise routine, and provides built-in motivation to work harder than you might on your own. When your cycling instructor says, “Bottoms up. Pedal hard for 30 seconds,” you do it. You have someone other than yourself to be accountable to, and that helps you get to class, hustle your way through the workout with everyone else-and see better results.

Burn Baby, Burn…More Calories

When you’re surrounded by other people in class pedaling, lifting, dancing, stretching, and working hard to get fit, you’re more likely to give your best effort. You’ll probably sweat more than you would working out on your own, and you’ll burn more calories, too. In a recent weight-loss study, researchers found that those who worked out with a partner, team, or group, lost more weight than those who worked out on their own.

Train Smarter

Search the internet, and it’s easy to find a workout to take with you to the gym. But how long should you stick with the better-butt workout, or swimsuit-ready exercise plan? It’s easy to get complacent, stick with exercises you’re familiar with, or shy away from an all-out hustle when you work out on your own. But that’s a recipe for lackluster results.

Getting your butt to class for a full body workout can help you train smarter, improve endurance, develop core strength, and build lean muscle. Plus you’ll learn new exercises and training strategies you can use when you do workout on your own. Group fitness classes like Zumba, circuit training, kickboxing, pilates, yoga, and body bootcamps can motivate you to work harder and train smarter.

Crush Your Next Workout By Going to Class

A few weeks into the new year with health and fitness goals still fresh on your mind, now is a great time to get to class and crush it with a full body workout that will blast calories, burn fat, build strength, and work every major muscle group in your body.

If you haven’t been to class before, don’t let that stop you. Walk through the door and you’ll meet a group of other fitness-minded people and an experienced instructor who will inspire you, teach you, hold you accountable, and help you get the most out of your trip to the gym. Of course, you can always sign up to try a free class at UFC GYM.



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