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Can Exercising in a Group Help You Get Fit Faster?

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Whether you’re just starting on your journey toward new fitness goals or you’re looking to speed up your progress, it may be worth considering some group activity to get the results you want.

Group exercise can take several forms, from doing a group training session to joining group fitness classes. Here are some reasons why ditching the solo workouts—or at least mixing them up with some group time—may get you fit faster:

Competition Speeds Progress

In a recent study, about 800 young adults were put into a program that included fitness-center access, mentoring, and nutrition advice. Some were in an environment that included competition, while the others were supported via encouragement and social media bolstering. A control group was simply given the fitness resources without any competition or support.

Far and away, the competition group was the most successful, with 90 percent higher participation than the control group. That group also showed significantly more motivation and attendance than those receiving support.

Although some people may struggle with competition, this study suggests that the majority of gym-goers thrive when they’re either part of a team or competing as an individual against others. Being in a group setting can give you that strong burst of friendly competition that challenges you to do more than you could have done on your own, and that gets you fit faster.

Motivation Leads to Results

In addition to friendly competition, group fitness can keep you motivated by being fun and energizing. Many people who take these classes feel so on track that they schedule social time around the classes, rather than trying to fit these workouts into a busy calendar.

When you feel pumped about working out, that increases your participation and keeps you feeling engaged. Those are dominant forces when it comes to getting fit, because you have a sense of consistency and progress.

Also, group fitness can help you home in on very specific goals. That can include stress relief through yoga or dancing, or you can focus on specific parts of your body, like doing core work.

Along the way, you’ll likely feel a sense of connection to your classmates or martial arts partners. That’s yet another source of motivation—if you know that your fitness pals are looking for you during a regular class, you’ll be much more likely to skip the temptations of couch-and-pizza time and get yourself to class instead.

Group fitness isn’t for everybody, though. Some people simply work harder, find more flexibility, and feel more comfortable working out on their own—particularly if they’re able to map out a training progression that’s individualized.

But for others, group training can provide the skills, motivation, competition, and excitement that get them past plateaus and on track for their fitness goals.

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