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Beyond the Ballfield: 5 Youth Fitness Classes to Excite Your Kids

Beyond_the_Ballfield_5_Youth_Fitness_Classes_to_Excite_Your_Kids-1-077113-edited.jpgMost kids know the drill when it comes to team sports. Show up to practice. Be a team player. Listen to the coach. Hustle. Learn the skills of the sport like throwing, tackling, shooting, sprinting, or catching. And if there’s a little too much goofing off, practice might even include running some laps or cranking out a round of push-ups.

You don’t have to look far to find research studies that point to the health benefits of team sports for kids. In a review of 3,600 studies on the subject involving thousands of kids, researchers found that participating in team sports helped kids be active, maintain a healthy weight, develop social skills, and improve self-esteem.

What to Do When the Season Ends…Or Your Kid Doesn’t Like Team Sports

But what happens when the playing season comes to an end? Or what if team sports just doesn’t seem to jive with your kid? Do you hand them the remote control, a stack of video games, and a supply of junk food big enough to stock a quickie-mart? Probably not.

Before you go that route, go beyond the ballfield. When the sports season comes to an end, help your kid stay in shape until the next practice begins by signing them up for a fitness class. And if your kid isn’t stoked about team sports, give them some other options.

Want to get your kids excited about exercise? Fitness classes designed for kids can be a lot of fun; help them build strength, speed, and confidence; develop skills that will help them when they do play team sports; and make the beanbag chair and video-game controller a little less appealing.

Check out these five youth fitness classes to get your kids excited about exercise:

1. Youth Tae Kwon Do

Most kids like action-packed movies, video games, and superheroes. In Youth Tae Kwon Do, they’ll learn to kick, strike, move, and master self-defense moves based on this Korean form of martial arts. They can also compete against themselves to rise through the ranks from white belt to black belt.

2. Youth Kickboxing

If you kid has an interest introduce them to competitive kickboxing and they’ll learn the elbow strikes, punching, kicking, and training skills to be a real boxer.

3. Family D.U.T. - Boot Camp

If your kid has sat on the sidelines watching you compete in an obstacle course race, mud run, or boot camp, there’s a good chance you’ve already inspired the hustle in them. If you haven’t, maybe they’ve seen one of the popular reality TV shows with people giving their all in a boot-camp-style fitness challenge. If your kid has shown an interest, why not give them a chance to take the challenge in a boot camp for the whole family called Family D.U.T., complete with kid-friendly circuit training routines, battle ropes, kettlebells and much more.

This style of class can also be an excellent cross-training or “stay in shape” opportunity for a young athlete during the off season.

4. Youth Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu

Most parents don’t want their children to get into fights every day, and they probably don’t dream of turning their kid into the next MMA champion. Fortunately, martial arts style training does neither of these. Your kids won’t turn into the bullies at recess - instead, they’ll learn the discipline and focus of martial arts, and get great activity time. Youth Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is designed to teach your kid discipline and confidence. The program integrates; self-defense techniques, conditioning, and skill oriented games aiming to improve your child’s motor skills, agility, and flexibility.

5. Youth Yoga

Downward Dog, anyone? If your kid has seen the popular movie “Mr. Peabody and Sherman,” they probably remember the scene when Mr. Peabody is carefully balanced on a yoga mat on his head, ears out for balance, legs crossed, and arms folded in Namaste-style. In Youth Yoga, they’ll learn classic yoga poses, practice breathing techniques, and improve flexibility, with an instructor who knows how to make this ancient practice fun for kids.

Interested in youth fitness classes for your kid? These are just a few of the youth classes available at a UFC Gym in your area. Forget about skipping a workout or getting a babysitter. Sign your kid up for a youth fitness class, and while your munchkin is huffing and puffing, you’ll have time for your own workout.

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