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Are You Maximizing Your Workout in Group Fitness Classes?

Are You Maximizing Your Workout in Group Fitness Classes.pngGroup fitness classes can be a top way to achieve your fitness goals, because combining cardio and strength training in one class gives you an efficient workout. Plus, you can choose from a range of classes that are ready to meet your fitness level, interests, and abilities.

But to get the most out of these opportunities, you need to do more than show up (although that’s a great first step!). Here are some strategies for maximizing your workout:

Focus on one or two classes at a time

Although it’s enjoyable to take a breadth of classes, and it’s helpful to change things up to stay motivated, many people benefit from taking one or two types of classes for at least a couple weeks and then moving to different group classes after that. When you do this, you can build your skill level more easily and see progress faster. For example, taking a boxing class two or three times per week for two months will give you much more proficiency than taking the same class once a month for a year.

Switch it up to find your fit

Although it’s a good idea to stick to one class type consistently for a few weeks, sometimes you just don’t connect with a certain type of class from the start. You might want more intensity, less cardio, or a different type of strength training. When you’re not feeling motivated to go to class, it’s fine to jump on another track. Sometimes it can take several “try-out” classes to find a good fit for you. When you find the right one, then you can stick to it for a while and get the results you want.

Give it everything you’ve got

Taking the time to make it to class is fantastic, but if you’re not putting in your full effort when you’re there, you’re not making the most of the time. Really focus on being there physically and mentally. Many times, being distracted or letting stresses from the day linger inside your head prevents you from working out as fully as you can. Trainers can tell you that your mental approach is equally important—and sometimes even more important—than what you’re doing physically.

Talk to the teacher

Every class is taught by someone committed to his or her students and very knowledgeable about the movements you do during a class. Tap into his or her expertise by asking to talk for a few minutes before or after class and then discussing your goals, concerns, and any limitations you might have. For example, if you have a knee injury, an instructor can make modifications that can get you a great workout without causing any additional knee issues.

Connect with other students

Many times, you feel more motivated to go to class and to do your best when you have a sense of camaraderie with others who are attending. If there are other regulars in a class, it’s often a good idea to at least acknowledge them and make a little small talk as a starting point. That can be the start of some friendly competition that will maximize the workout for both of you.

Most of all, have fun. Group fitness classes can be a blast, and when you enjoy them, you’ll be inspired to keep fitting the classes into your schedule. When you do that, results are quick to follow. If you want to try some classes, sign up for a UFC GYM Free Pass today.

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