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Are MMA Classes Right for You?

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Are you on the fence when it comes to joining a mixed martial arts (MMA) class? Perhaps you’re unsure or unfamiliar with the sport. Or maybe you feel the classes might be too extreme for you. They’re all legitimate concerns, but keep in mind that an MMA gym class, at its core, is a full-body workout that is meant to put you in shape. And like every workout you perform, you should go at a comfortable pace to stay with the class. Here are four reasons why we think you should consider an MMA class as your next workout:

1. MMA Builds Confidence

It’s natural to feel uncomfortable in a new environment, especially when physicality is involved. Most people don’t think they have what it takes to do what UFC fighters do for a living, and that’s perfectly normal. But imagine taking an MMA class and performing what you thought was impossible. That experience will build up your confidence, and that is the right type of fuel for a workout. Excelling beyond your expectations is what drives any great workout, and an MMA class will deliver that feeling in droves.

2. MMA Courses Are Excellent for Cardio

You’re probably thinking of cardio in the traditional sense, but an MMA class does not utilize a treadmill or elliptical machine. Every MMA class requires full-body exercising, which includes strength, endurance, muscular conditioning, mobility, and the mind to see movements and counters while learning and executing. The constant action results in a cardio crusher unlike most workouts. And considering how you’re using your entire body, you can expect faster results.

3. Self-Defense

MMA is the most exciting combat sport in the world today. Learning even the most basic fundamentals in an MMA class will increase your defense awareness. We’re not saying you’re going to become the next Conor McGregor or Ronda Rousey, but even an entry-level MMA course will give you an edge over Joe Average when it comes to handling yourself in a self-defense situation. Hopefully, you’ll never have to use your skills, but knowing and understanding how your body works is just another benefit to MMA training.

4. Stress Reliever

We’ve all been there. After a long day at work, or even just a bad day, everyone has some sort of aggression within. An MMA class is a great, safe way to relieve stress and release any and all hostility you feel. Channeling anger into a punching bag is an incredible way to unwind your mind, because everyone needs a break. Every little bit of relief from a great workout will make you perform better tomorrow.

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