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A Fast Full Body Workout Routine for Busy Moms

A_Fast_Full_Body_Workout_Routine_for_Busy_Moms.jpgEver feel like you’re on the go, non-stop? When you’re a busy mom, that’s pretty much the schedule. It’s hard to find time to exercise. Take a closer look at your life, your schedule, and your responsibilities, and it probably rivals anyone’s by a long shot. Bottom line: If you don’t have time for an extended sweat-fest to go for a run or workout (or just don’t want to!), you need a plan b.

The Strategy: Tap Your Schedule for Time to Exercise

In the perfect world, you’d have more time to workout, but that’s just not always the case. Think about it: you’re on call 24/7 for homework assignments, carpools, and a quest to conquer Mt. Laundry, and you’ve got at least one more very important meeting to get to, even if it means you’ll have to work late or bump something off the schedule. AND you’re trying to fit in a workout?

Workout to Be Fit and Be Happy

Check your calendar on any given day, and it’s all too easy to let your health and fitness goals take a backseat to the needs of everyone else. Right? But when you do squeeze in a workout, you noticed it leaves you feeling better about everything you have to do.

That’s no coincidence: studies show regular exercise can help reduce feelings of depression, anger, and anxiety, and improve your mood. Researchers followed more than 3,400 people and tracked their exercise habits, along with markers for psychological well-being. They found that people who exercised two to three times a week were happier, healthier, and had better social relationships.

The Plan: Fast Fitness in 30 Minutes or Less

So what’s your backup plan for exercise when your schedule is jam packed? A fast full body workout you can do just about anywhere in 30 minutes or less.

Check out these 14 MMA-inspired moves for a fast full-body workout or try a couple rounds of this workout you can crush in about 30 minutes to burn a ton of calories, build endurance, and gain lean muscle.

Put the right combination of exercises together along with some serious hustle, and you can work every major muscle group in your body and get a great cardio workout in a short amount of time. These sample workouts will show you how to use bodyweight exercises to kick, jump, punch, and move to get your workout on, even when you’re living in a perpetual time crunch.

30 Minutes is All You Need

In other words, you can’t afford to skip a workout or put exercise on the back burner until later. One of the secrets to being a supermom with a crazy-busy schedule is making time to take care of yourself, along with everyone else.

Scrutinize your schedule and find time for a 30-minute workout. If you can, try to get up early or squeeze in a workout while the kids are napping. If 30 minutes isn’t possible right now, try 3 10-minute mini workouts. You can also look for a gym with on-site child care (and youth fitness classes). You’ll be able to work out while they’re fitting in some active time, too.

But don’t write off exercise as something you’ll do in the far and distant future. A fast full-body workout, even if it’s just 30 minutes, will help you be fitter, faster, and happier.

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