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4 Reasons You Should Make time for Group Exercise Classes

You have 47 items on your to-do list — before lunch. Sometimes, you find it difficult to remember what boredom feels like, because you're way too busy for downtime, much less considering how to fill it when (and if) it ever shows up again. At the end of the day, your bed is like a lifeboat that you fall into with gratitude, knowing it'll all start up again the next day.

Let's face it: You need a group exercise class.

Although it might seem like a class adds one more thing to an already over-packed schedule, taking time for a workout in a group setting may be just what you need to turn from busy to badass. Here are four reasons to consider carving out time for a class:

1. Stress Relief

Juggling so much during the day (and well into the evening) usually brings a certain degree of stress, and that can affect everything from your relationships to your immune system. Stress can show up in odd ways, like memory loss, heartburn, back pain, and as many have discovered, unwanted weight gain. Group classes can get you on track and lower those stress levels significantly. No matter what type of class you choose, the activity will elevate those feel-good endorphins and get your mind off daily worries.

2. Better Sleep

Even if you're exhausted when you sink into bed, that doesn't always mean you're getting the rest you need. When we’re busy, we  often struggle with sleep issues, and that can have a ripple effect that can impact emotional and physical health. And the longer it continues, the more dramatic sleep deprivation can become.

But physical activity like group classes can help so much that the National Sleep Foundation has actually called exercise a "natural remedy" for insomnia. The association noted that people sleep significantly better and feel more alert during the day if they get at least 150 minutes of exercise every week.  

3. Get Social

Sure, you get tons of physical benefits from a group class — like toned muscles, less fat, improved flexibility and strength, and increased endurance — but you're also likely to form new friendships and find a community. When that happens, it boosts your commitment level and makes you even more excited to come to class, because you're torching calories alongside your besties.

4. Have Fun

Zipping from one place to the next, balancing work and family, planning the next meal, trip, appointment — they're all necessary parts of life. But they usually don't qualify as "fun." Group classes do. You can rock it out in dance-inspired classes like Rhythm & Moves and Cardio Funk Dance Party, stretch out tight muscles in Barre-Less Barre or Energizing Yoga, and get a high-intensity conditioning in Jillian Michaels BODYSHRED or Mayhem. Because of the fast pace, group energy, and motivating instructors, you get a killer workout and have fun doing it.

Group classes offer full-body fitness with tons of advantages. Even if you think your schedule won't allow for one more entry, consider making time for taking care of yourself. Think of it as fuel that lets you power through your week like a champ.

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