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4 Different Kinds of Fitness Classes for Your Kids

4 Different Kinds of Fitness Classes for Your Kids.pngGetting your kids involved in exercise can have significant benefits that can last a lifetime. Not only will they likely be more physically active as they age, but fitness has been shown to have a ton of other advantages, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

The CDC notes that regular physical activity reduces anxiety, increases self-esteem, controls weight, builds healthy bones and muscles, and helps prevent chronic disease. With all those positives, it’s not hard to see why kids should be taking fitness classes. Fortunately, there are ample choices as well. Check out these four options:

1. Martial Arts

Although classes like Youth Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Youth Judo, Youth Tae Kwon Do, and other martial arts classes can provide a full-body workout, there are enormous advantages in other ways with this type of instruction.

Kids learn discipline, control, and the benefit of friendly competition. They’re taught how to fight—and, just as important, why they should consider fighting as self-defense instead of as an immediate reaction to a challenging situation. In some of the disciplines, kids can progress to higher levels, giving them a sense of progress as they master the sport.

2. Boot Camp

There are many reasons that boot camp classes are so popular for adults, and those reasons apply to kids as well: These classes are fun, fast-moving, challenging, and dynamic.

A class like Youth DUT takes kids through drills that improve speed, agility, core strength, endurance, and confidence. Also helpful is that kids learn to use a variety of gym equipment, from TRX straps to free weights. That knowledge can help them prevent injury when they work out on their own.

3. Yoga

Much as it does for adults, Youth Yoga helps children control their breathing, be more mindful, and gain flexibility. Classes for kids also emphasize fun and playfulness, to keep them engaged and enthused about what they’re learning.

Harvard Medical School notes that research has shown that yoga provides numerous benefits for kids in terms of self-esteem, memory, and academic performance, as well as strength and endurance.

4. Fight Training

Much like martial arts, one of the most important aspects of fight training is discipline—kids are taught how to stay out of fights just as much as they learn what to do if they’re in a conflict-filled situation.

But even if a student never gets into a scuffle with someone else, he or she will be learning valuable skills and getting a full-body workout with fight training classes like Youth Boxing, Youth Fight Fit, and Youth Kickboxing. These classes teach mental as well as physical prowess and also show kids the value of respecting themselves, their teachers, and their classmates.

No matter what you and your kids choose, they’ll be well on their way to reaping all the benefits of regular exercise—and they’ll be having a blast doing it.

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