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4 Benefits of Seeing a Personal Trainer (That You Won't Get In an App)

4_Benefits_of_Seeing_a_Personal_Trainer_-074659-edited.jpgWith so many fitness apps and devices available, it seems like you can tweak a workout and set goals with just a few swipes and clicks. Apps let you track your food, gauge your effort level, set weight loss targets, and even guide you through strength training or yoga routines.

But there are many ways that apps fall short when it comes to guiding you toward your fitness goals, and that's where personal training can be crucial. Here are the benefits you'll see by choosing a person over a smartphone:

1. Insights on proper form

Just because you can go through the motions of a specific workout doesn't mean you're doing it properly. Incorrect form can easily lead to injury, and that can get worse if you continue to repeat those improper movements. Personal trainers are educated on body mechanics, and they use that knowledge to watch how you're lifting weight, doing jumps, adjusting your posture, and compensating for weaker muscles. Having a trainer guide you can significantly reduce the risk of injury and help you to refine your form so it's easier to repeat those motions on your own.

2. Efficiency in reaching goals

Although many apps allow you to create workout combinations, how do you know if they'll get you to your goal? Some people need to keep tweaking their workout mix to see progress, and that takes time. Consider personal trainers as your speed lane. They can put together a plan that makes the most of your sessions, and is entirely focused on what you want to achieve. Three months with a trainer will get you much further toward your aims than three months of trying out different apps and workouts.

3. Understanding of progress

As far along as we've come with artificial intelligence, your phone still can't hold a long fitness-based discussion with you, do measurements without your help, and observe your gains in ways that you can't see. But personal trainers can. With regular appointments, they'll see where your weaknesses might be, physically and psychologically, and help you build strength in those areas so you can see results faster.

4. Knowledge about plateaus and slowdowns

There are many times when you might hit a plateau and feel frustrated trying to get to the next level if you're using an app. But personal trainers see plateaus all the time, and they have the knowledge and experience to give you the smaller steps you need for climbing upward toward your goals.

Apps are great for many aspects of fitness — for example, tracking your food can help you see where you may need to adjust macronutrient levels or caloric intake — but they're designed for a mass audience. Personal trainers offer a customized approach that's tailored perfectly for you.

So, don't ditch the apps completely if you find them useful, but you may want to consider bringing personal training into your fitness mix for maximum results.

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