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3 Steps Frankie Edgar Takes to Get Ready for a UFC Fight


Mixed martial arts is a young man’s game, but fighters like Frankie Edgar keep defying the odds and turning back the hands of time. Thanks to an incredible workout routine, the 34-year old UFC veteran appears to be ageless. 

Now in his 12th year in MMA, Edgar has perfected his pre-fight preparation regiment with his training, diet and a few secrets. Here are three ways how Edgar has maintained the edge on his competition for so many years.


Let’s just say it: Frankie Edgar’s workout is absolutely insane! If you don’t believe us, take a look https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bfH_0BOz8_E

With an intense focus on conditioning, cardio and endurance, Edgar has left no doubt to why he’s 21-5. More impressively, Edgar was able to successfully transition from lightweight to featherweight in 2013, and that’s because he says he trains six days a week, twice a day.

Edgar’s workout is set at an intense pace and is an advanced combination made for maximum results. Which is why he never gets tired in the octagon. If you’re thinking about adding a few layers of complexity to your workout, we broke down three of The Answer’s routines, which you can utilize.


With a ball under your feet, get in plank position. Keep your upper body still and extend your right leg far out under your left leg. Repeat with your left leg and repeat rotation.


Lay flat on the ground. Raise a light kettle ball with your right arm straight up. Put your opposite arm in a 45-degree angle. Your left leg should lay flat, while your right knee should point up. While keeping the ball up, roll to your left elbow then your hand in a fluid motion. Sweep your left leg under your body and plant your knee safely and stand. Reverse the movement back to the ground. Repeat.


It’s a chin-up, but keep your legs in an “L” shape during every rep. Good luck!


A New Jersey native, Frankie Edgar comes from an Italian background, and he has confessed that he absolutely loves pasta and pizza. But so many empty carbs will lead to an out of shape fighter, so when a fight is on the horizon, Edgar ditches the pasta for a healthier option: brown rice.

Even as a UFC veteran, Edgar never relies on a dietician for food tips. He just picked it up from various colleagues through his years fighting and his very fitness conscious wife. Just goes to show you, how far a little bit of discipline can take you outside of the gym.

But Edgar has his moments. He confessed to UFC.com, “Pizza is my favorite food. My boxing coach, Mark Henry, owns Pino’s Pizza in Woodbridge. It’s some of the best pizza in all of New Jersey. My favorite is called “Upside Down Pizza.’ Even the most disciplined fighters treat themselves once in awhile, so you should too.


Believe it or not, but another key to Edgar’s health and success is limiting his sparring. He told Muscle & Fitness he’s backed off from sparring in between fights.


It limits the amount of damage his body takes in between bouts. Limiting the amount of physical contact his body has to endure leading to a fight is a smart tactic to keep his body fresh and remain in top physical form.

It’s no surprise why Frankie Edgar has grown into a living UFC legend. If you think you’re ready to start the path of a UFC great like Frankie Edgar, try a UFC Gym Free Pass so you can try a class and start a long, successful journey with fitness.

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