Interested in signing up for UFC GYM® Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu classes? Walk in ready for action with this expert advice. By Mauricio "Tinguinha" Mariano, Senior Director of UFC GYM’s BJJ Program

Commit to learning. BJJ requires discipline and a commitment to learning. This discipline and commitment will pay off over time by bringing infinite benefits to your life.*

Be consistent. There is no learning if you are not on the mat. Attend classes regularly, as that will be the best way to progress in this martial art.

Train smart. Respect your body, keep your own pace and follow your own journey. Everybody is different.

Keep your ego out of it. Training BJJ, as with learning anything else, will have its ups and downs. You absorb new information constantly from white belt to black belt. You will get submitted and controlled at times: this is part of the process. Remaining open to learning from it will make your training more fun and improve your experience.

Warm up. Make sure not to skip the BJJ class warm-up. Our warm-up is not only intended to help avoid injuries, but also incorporates BJJ movements and techniques which can help improve your performance.

Master the basic techniques first. Building a good foundation in BJJ will be the base to learning everything else in this martial art. Rushing through techniques or not doing them properly can hurt your BJJ game and your ability to advance into more complex techniques.

Opt for training in the gi. Learning with the gi, the uniform of BJJ, offers more options for submissions and control. The gi becomes a defensive and offensive tool in your BJJ training.

Be patient regarding belt promotions. Progress takes time in any martial art. Concentrate on learning the techniques and the development of your game and accompanying rank promotions will come naturally with training time. Focus on your educational path.

Communicate openly with your instructors. Speaking with your instructors regarding questions or concerns will help maximize your training. Remember, he or she is your guide through this martial arts journey.

Relax and take your time. This will significantly improve your chances to secure and escape from positions and do better overall in your training sessions.


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