Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu is a highly respected martial art, combat sport, and self-defense system focusing on technique and skill. It has the power to change lives and produce several benefits, but make no mistake—BJJ requires a great deal of dedication, focus, and discipline. Consistent training is very important and improvement may be slow, but with the desire to improve comes the values of patience and consistency.

Good BJJ flow takes time to develop. The perfection of technique, timing, and the ability to react in a dynamic and responsive way takes practice. In the UFC GYM® Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu Program, those willing to work hard and grow will earn their proper belts and stripes, gaining a sense of respect, discipline, and a feeling of accomplishment unlike anything else.*

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Belt Promotion

Belt promotions are judged individually as students learn and develop. When students are eligible for testing they will be notified by their BJJ instructors. Promotions are based on a student's attendance, knowledge of techniques and performance on the mat. Instructors will judge the student's readiness to test for belts. Only instructors are authorized to judge student's knowledge of required techniques.

Stripe Promotion

Stripe promotions are awarded in between belt rank promotions as a way to measure progress, stripe promotions give students a guide for how close they are to the next belt promotion and can be a useful tool to indicate progress in class.

Belt & Stripe Promotion Levels

  • Adult (Age 16+)
    • White Belt (1-4 Stripes)

    • Blue Belt (1-4 Stripes)

    • Purple Belt (1-4 Stripes)

    • Brown Belt (1-4 Stripes)

    • Black Belt (Degrees)

  • Youth (Age 6-15)
    • White Belt (1-4 Stripes)

    • Gray Belt With White Stripe (1-6 Stripes)

    • Gray Belt (1-6 Stripes)

    • Gray Belt With Black Stripe (1-6 Stripes)

    • Yellow Belt With White Stripe (1-6 Stripes)

    • Yellow Belt (1-6 Stripes)

    • Yellow Belt With Black Stripe (1-6 Stripes)

    • Orange Belt With White Stripe (1-6 Stripes)

    • Orange Belt (1-6 Stripes)

    • Orange Belt With Black Stripe (1-6 Stripes)

    • Green Belt With White Stripe (1-6 Stripes)

    • Green Belt (1-6 Stripes)

    • Green Belt With Black Stripe (1-6 Stripes)


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