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Why Kickboxing Classes Should Be Part of a Beginner's Fitness Goals

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As a beginner to any gym, it can be challenging to find your routine. You’ll question what workouts you should focus on, how many days and hours you should attend, and what classes, if any, you should take. That’s why here at UFC GYM, we’re firm believers in starting off with a bang.

If you’re on the fence about any workout or class, we strongly recommend signing up for kickboxing classes. They’re not nearly as intense as you may think (in fact, we already got you covered with what you should expect and how to start), and they’re a great introduction to newbies who may think all workouts are just intense sweatfests.

Kickboxing is a unique, full-body workout that delivers quick results, and there are various physical perks, as well as a few mental benefits. Here are four reasons why you should kick off your membership with a kickboxing class:

Full-Body Fitness

You should work out your entire body. Focusing on just one specific body part repeatedly will result in overuse of those muscles, and ignoring everything else will make your gym membership unnecessary (you could ignore those muscles at home!).

So your best bet is to maximize your time and energy in a full-body workout course, which is what kickboxing delivers. It combines cardio (kickboxing is known to burn north of 700 calories in just one class) and strength training into one incredible routine. So you can expect to melt fat fast, tone up from head to toe (because everything is constantly engaged), and have some fun while you’re sweating.

Group Classes Are Better

Group classes are fun! They alleviate any awkwardness you may have toward one-on-one training, and you know you’re not going to be training alone. And you might even strike up a friendship with a classmate. Having a friend in any group class will make you want to go to the gym more! It always helps to have a friend around.

Mind and Body

Because kickboxing is a physical sport, you’re releasing stress and aggression in between every kick and punch. Everyone has a bad day or even some mild stress, and channeling that energy into a punching bag is as much mental relief as it is a strength builder for your muscles. Being able to wipe away your anger and focus solely on your actions and movements for an hour a day creates a clear mind, and having that mental clarity is worth doing any physical activity for 60 minutes.

Confidence Booster

Kickboxing has a lot of physical benefits, but there’s also a big mental benefit. Kickboxing is a surefire way to gain confidence in yourself through the classes’ self-defense techniques. Teaching your body how to react and adapt to particular sparring scenarios will make you more comfortable with your body. Knowing and understanding your body’s limitations will boost confidence, plus it doesn’t hurt to know you can kick someone’s butt if you ever need to or, at the very least, outrun a fight.

If you think you’re ready to join UFC GYM and give kickboxing a try, then sign up right now for a free pass and see what you’re missing.

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