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Train Your Arms Like a UFC Fighter with These Moves

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Train for strength, power, technical skill, and the endurance to go the distance in the Octagon.

It’s the staple of training for pro UFC fighters and just about everyone else who wants to succeed in the sport.

Stack up a lot of two-a-day workouts, heavy lifting, sparring and grappling, high-intensity-interval training with a dialed-in nutrition plan, and the top fighters get results. But there’s more to MMA training than just getting ready for a fight.

Big arms, not just for show

There are side effects…like a shredded body composition, more muscle definition, and big arms. With all the hard work that goes into getting fight-ready, UFC fighters have some pretty jacked biceps. And it’s not just for show.

Big arms can help deliver a punishing combination of strikes and punches, execute tap-out-worthy submissions, and win more fights by knockout.

Want bigger arms like a UFC fighter? It doesn’t happen by accident. Train your arms once or twice a week, along with the rest of your body, and you’ll get results.

Check out some of the greatest arms workouts and exercises by UFC fighters:

Tim Kennedy – Triceps Extensions

You don’t clean house and rack up an 18-6-0 record without some serious strength and power in your arms. It’s why Tim Kennedy (#10 middleweight) includes arms training as part of his fight-ready workouts. With 27 sets that target the biceps and triceps from multiple angles, it’s no wonder Kennedy likes to show off his guns.

Michael Bisping – Medicine Ball Slams

There’s a reason they call Michael Bisping, “The Count.” He’s racked up a 30-7-0 record, and spends a lot of his time in the octagon delivering punishing strikes and punches. And he’s the current middleweight champion in the UFC. Like a lot of UFC fighters, HIIT workouts and conditioning are a big part of his training. And some of the exercises he uses to hit his arms includes medicine ball slams and weighted chin-ups.

Mariusz Pudzianowski – Dumbbell Curls

At 260 pounds and 6’1”, Mariusz Pudzianowski is a UFC heavyweight with a long history of dominating strongman competitions, setting world records, and hitting hard in the Octagon. To maintain his size and strength, Pudzianowski spends a lot of time lifting heavy for strength and power. And that includes training his arms using dumbbell curls and other exercises.

Carlos Condit - Narrow Grip Pull-Ups

Carlos Condit may not have the size of UFC fighters like Pudzianowski and Lesnar, but “The Natural Born Killer,” has demonstrated his power in the octagon with a 30-10-0 record. At 170 pounds, he’s ranked no. 5 in the welterweight division. He’s equally deadly when it comes to striking and submissions. And part of his training includes narrow-grip pull-up.

Want to train your arms like a UFC fighter? Fit this arms workout into your schedule one or two days a week:

UFC Arms Workout          Sets Reps

Triceps Extensions           3       6-8

Medicine Ball Slams            3       10-12

Triceps Pushdown                3       6-8

Dumbbell Curls                    3       6-8

Narrow Grip Pull-ups           3       6-8

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