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The Ins and Outs of Kickboxing Classes for Every Fitness Level

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Want to know how Joanna Jedrzejczyk does it? She’s currently the UFC Women's Strawweight Champion. And while she’s a pro at taking her opponents down and executing brutal, no-chance-of-escaping holds, her secret weapon is kickboxing. She dominated 60-plus kickboxing fights in her rise to the UFC, and it’s still a core part of her training to build strength and cardiovascular endurance and serve up a combo of punishing kicks, punches, knee strikes, and elbow strikes to dominate in the Octagon.

You’re probably not going to face Jedrzejczyk in a fight. And that’s probably a good thing, because she’s currently living up to her UFC nickname, “Joanna Violence.” But that doesn’t mean you can’t train like her. Jedrzejczyk owes much of her UFC success to deep roots in kickboxing. And regardless of your fitness level, you can master the ins and outs of kickboxing to achieve your goals.

Want to torch calories, burn fat, or build cardiovascular endurance? Need to find a better option for cardio workouts than toughing it out on the treadmill or sitting in the saddle cranking pedals? Or want to get a taste for what it’s like to get scrappy like Jedrzejczyk and be in the best shape of your life? Chase your goals by showing up to kickboxing class and learn to master the moves, improve conditioning, and give any flab you have to lose a beatdown.

Here’s what you can expect in kickboxing class, whether you’re just starting out, have landed a few kicks and punches, or know how to string together your own mix of combos:

Kickboxing Conditioning

You gotta start somewhere, right? You don’t have to know anything about kickboxing to get started. Just show up to class. You’ll face off with a heavy bag and follow along as an instructor shows you how to kick, punch, throw elbow and knee strikes, and keep your heart rate elevated to improve conditioning and burn a ton of calories. Classes for beginners will introduce the best techniques from kickboxing, Muay Thai, and boxing; help you get in great shape; and learn some basics about self-defense. And there are even kickboxing classes for kids.

Level Up – Kickboxing Skills Technique

If you’ve already spent some time in a kickboxing class, or maybe even mastered the basics by watching YouTube videos, you’re probably ready to level up to an intermediate kickboxing class. This level might also be good if your cardio is dialed in and you’re looking for a challenge that will force you to work hard to keep up. Just like any good fitness program, moving up to an intermediate kickboxing class should be a progression designed to improve your skills and push your body a little harder to keep getting results. Expect instructors at this level to ramp up the intensity; execute kickboxing moves with greater precision; and follow through on kicks, punches, and strikes to build strength. And while you’ll probably learn some sparring techniques in a beginner kickboxing class, this level should put you face to face with an opponent to master those moves.

Ready? Fight. – Advanced Kickboxing

Pay your dues like Jedrzejczyk and you’ll be ready to move up from beginner and intermediate kickboxing classes to advanced training. At this level, you won’t be spending all your time hitting a heavy bag or mirroring the moves of an instructor. You’ll be learning the ins and outs of offensive and defensive kickboxing techniques from an expert coach, sparring with a partner, pushing cardiovascular training to the limit, and even mastering moves that can get you ready for a competition. Gear up with shin pads, a mouthpiece, and headgear and get ready for full-contact kickboxing.

Want to get in better shape? Kickboxing is a great way to do it. At any level, kickboxing will help you get stronger, improve flexibility and circulation, reduce stress, strengthen your heart, and burn a ton of fat and calories. Want to learn the basics about kickboxing or take your skills to the next level? Check out a UFC GYM location in your area for kickboxing classes.

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