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4 Reasons You Should Make time for Group Exercise Classes

You have 47 items on your to-do list — before lunch. Sometimes, you find it difficult to remember what boredom feels like, because you're way too busy for downtime, much less considering how to fill it when (and if) it ever shows up again. At the end of the day, your bed is like a lifeboat that you fall into with gratitude, knowing it'll all start up again the next day.

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4 Surprising Things About a UFC GYM Membership

Fitness centers are diverse in their offerings. Some offer a vast array of weights; some have a variety of fitness classes; and still others are specialty gyms like martial arts schools. And while you might think UFC GYM is around to train the UFC Fighters of tomorrow, there is a different reality - you might be surprised to hear that UFC GYM...

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Why You Can Expect Fast Results with a Full Body Workout Routine

There's definitely a place for muscle-specific workouts that get you more defined abs or less-droopy triceps. But sometimes, it can take months to see true results from those efforts, and you may be missing out on the chance to develop those muscles along with others at the same time.

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A Fast Full Body Workout Routine for Busy Moms

Ever feel like you’re on the go, non-stop? When you’re a busy mom, that’s pretty much the schedule. It’s hard to find time to exercise. Take a closer look at your life, your schedule, and your responsibilities, and it probably rivals anyone’s by a long shot. Bottom line: If you don’t have time for an extended sweat-fest to go for a run or workout (or just don’t want to!), you need a plan b.

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6 Group Exercise Classes to Try in 2016

One of the best parts of group exercise classes, other than the crazy-good workout you can expect, is that they’re constantly changing. Great instructors will change up their classes on a day to day basis, and they’ll also keep an eye on new trending classes, getting certified to teach the very best newcomers and bring them to you.

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Getting Back Into Fitness With a Full Body Workout

When you're just starting to get back into fitness, the first major challenge can be figuring out where to begin. When facing a wall of equipment, the temptation is often to kick off your fitness path with some spot-reduction techniques, like whittling down some belly jiggle, or finally getting those triceps into shape.

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Do You Get a Better Full Body Workout In a Fitness Class?

You’ve got your schedule figured out with work, kids and everything else, so you know exactly when you’ll have time to hit the gym. Figuring that out means you’ve already jumped one of the biggest hurdles that keeps people from sticking with an exercise program.

But now that you’ve got the time, do you work out on your own or show up to a fitness class?

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Want Abs like Holly Holm? Try this MMA Ab Workout.

MMA athletes may have the most enviable abs in all sports. Thanks to incredible full body workouts, nearly every MMA fighter in the UFC has a strong core which results in a fit body and great results in the octagon. There’s no better example than UFC bantamweight women’s champion, Holly Holm.

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How to Incorporate MMA Conditioning into Everyday Fitness

When you commit to exercise, it’s easy to get into the routine of doing the same things when you workout: You run a couple miles every day, you lift weights, you practice yoga or hop on a bike for a cycling session. While these exercises do work, they can get a little...repetitive.

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Why a Gym Membership Helps You Achieve Fitness Goals Faster

There’s something the fitness equipment commercials never tell you: that treadmill, elliptical trainer, or exercise bike doubles as an excellent clothes rack. Sound familiar? For a lot of people, working out at home just doesn’t work because there are too many distractions: laundry, dirty dishes, work, and the temptation to binge-watch your favorite shows can keep you from working out.

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