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MMA Conditioning for Athletes, Fighters, and You

mma-conditioning-athletes-fighters-you-528718-edited.jpgRegardless of your status as an athlete, a fighter, or a marketing manager, as long as your main goal is to improve yourself, MMA-style conditioning offers tremendous benefits. In fact, MMA conditioning is such an excellent source of physical activity, many NFL players seek an MMA-based workout to train for their impending season. That’s because it entails such an incredible a full body workout which prepares you for any physical goal you want to achieve whether it be a season in the NFL, a marathon or even a mud run.  

For fighters looking to further their training, MMA conditioning will deliver an extra edge. You’ll receive added endurance, which you can apply to the next level in your training. And for non-fighters, fighting-inspired workouts are one of the quickest ways to get to your ideal body by keeping you disciplined on three different workout regimes. Here are three basic types of workouts you’ll experience:


The heart of MMA conditioning is cardio. Whether you’re on the punching bag throwing strikes and kicks, or if you’re putting in the time on the elliptical, cardio is nearly in every type of workout that doesn’t include weights (and some that do). Why? Fighting in the octagon requires incredible stamina. Fighters can be expected to either stand on their feet for 3 five minute rounds (while keep their hands up), or spend a lot of time on their back with another human putting all their weight on top of them. It’s an arduous path for every fighter, but solid conditioning delivers the stamina necessary to survive in the octagon.

Strength training

In order to eliminates fat, you need muscle. In order gain power, you need muscle. In order to gain MMA conditioning, you need muscle. Strength training can vary from workout-to-workout, but ultimately it builds muscle across your entire body. For fighters, out muscling your opponent can lead to a victory, but more muscle mass means more oxygen and more rest in between high cardio workouts. It’s difficult to find a perfect balance between cardio and strength, but both are vital – a good balance is important, but look to your overall fitness goals to decide where to start.


We’ve talked about the importance of a strong core in your workout before, and the emphasis remains the same. With the exception of Rory Nelson, nearly every fighter in the UFC has an incredibly powerful, tight core. It improves everything: your weight, your spine strengthens, your balance improves -- everything starts from the center and moves outward.

If you think you’re ready to get started on your MMA conditioning, then go to your nearest UFC Gym and find your next ideal fitness routine.



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