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6 Things No One Told You About Fitness Classes

6_Things_No_One_Told_You_About_Fitness_Classes_.jpgMost likely, you already know a few things about fitness classes even if you haven’t taken one yet: They’re motivating, led by skilled instructors, and often high-energy workouts. But that’s only the start.

There are many aspects of classes that many people don’t know unless they’ve taken a few—or a bunch. Here’s the inside scoop on the six things that you need to know:

1. You’ll thrive on the competition

Being in a group can help you feel like you’re a member of a team, even if that’s just during a single class. But it also pours on the friendly competition, and for many people, that’s the fuel that gets you to challenge yourself just a little more. You dig a bit deeper and work harder, and that means you’ll walk out knowing you did the absolute best you could.

2. You can shout it out

Depending on the class (don’t try this in restorative yoga), you’ll usually be encouraged to get loud. As motivating as it is to work up a sweat, it’s a whole new level when your classmates are yelling encouragement all around you. That changes the vibe of a class and ups the intensity.

3. They go fast

An hour is gone already? Didn’t you just get to class? You won’t be the only one checking the clock in disbelief—there’s something about the intensity of a class that seems to make time speed up. That’s probably because you’re usually having fun, and you don’t want it to end.

4. You can get into a flow state

There’s a theory that when you’re doing something you truly love or are completely engaged in, you’re in a rare state called “flow.” When that happens, you don’t have thoughts ping-ponging around in your head like they do the rest of the day. You don’t have to-do lists, worries, or gripes. There’s no multi-tasking in a flow state; you’re just absolutely in the present moment, completely absorbed in what you’re doing. It’s glorious, and you’ll see it in every class.

5. You get results

Working out on your own has its advantages, but if you’re fully engaged in class and motivated to challenge yourself more than you would otherwise, you’re going to hit your goals faster. Many people begin to see gains in strength, flexibility, balance, coordination, and endurance after just a couple classes. And when you commit to a regular class schedule, those results can be even more profound.

6. They change your life

Maybe that sounds dramatic, but many people who regularly take fitness classes report that what happens in the studio doesn’t stay in the studio. Instead, the good energy you build has a major ripple effect—you might sleep better and make healthier food choices as a result of getting on track with classes. When that happens, your stress levels lower, your digestion improves, and you feel more resilient and awake. What you do in class can connect to everything else, and for some, that can definitely be life-changing.

With benefits like those, you may want to consider becoming a class insider yourself. Sign up for a UFC GYM Free Pass today and try out a class!

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