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4 Reasons to Find Kickboxing Classes In Your Area


Fitness websites and apps can be tremendously helpful when it comes to giving you workout combinations you can do from anywhere, even if you're traveling. One of the most popular types of exercise for online videos is kickboxing, and that makes sense since it's also one of the best full-body workouts available.

But while those resources can be handy, there are even more benefits to finding actual, in-person classes in your area. Consider these advantages:

1. One-on-one instruction

Even when you're in a group class, a well-trained teacher will give you some insights about how you can improve your form or whether you need to hit or kick differently. Those suggestions are vital, not only for helping you improve, but also for preventing injury. When you're on your own without someone to check your form, you may be setting yourself up for repetitive injury.

2. Appropriate equipment

Unless you have a heavy bag at home—and someone to hold it for you—it's likely that you won't be getting the maximum benefits that kickboxing has to offer. Although classes also do some cardio moves and shadow boxing, the time you spend on the bag is equally important for building strength and giving you a great core.

3. Partner work

Many people find partner exercises the best part of a kickboxing class. Not only do you get to keep your muscles guessing by dodging a kick or hit, but you also build camaraderie with your classmates. By taking classes regularly at the same gym, you'll probably begin building friendly relationships with the other regulars. Studies have shown that having fitness buddies keeps you motivated and moving toward better results. Kickboxing classmates are your built-in motivational tool.

4. Tons of results

Just because fitness information is available everywhere doesn't mean it's easy to use it for staying on track. For example, the abandonment rate for fitness trackers has been estimated to be about 30 to 50 percent within six months of purchase. So, you may turn to kickboxing apps or videos to get fit, but it's tough to keep pressing "play" when there are so many other distractions around. But classes don't have a "pause" button so you can go catch a movie and finish it later. That's a good thing, because it's intensity, consistency, and simply showing up again and again that will get you results.

Kickboxing, like many classes, is about more than just working out your body (although it does that quite well). It's also beneficial for staying motivated, building your confidence, and refining your skills. There aren't any apps yet that can do the same.

To try out a kickboxing class and seeing the advantages yourself, sign up for a UFC GYM Free Pass.

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