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3 Ways Functional Fitness Classes Will Affect Your Everyday Life


The numerous benefits of exercise are well known at this point, from increasing muscle strength to improving sleep. But unless your work involves lifting barbells or doing a yoga crow pose, it might seem like there isn't much crossover between what happens in the gym and what you do in everyday life.

Unless you're talking about functional fitness.

There's a reason these classes are called "functional," and it's because they have a high degree of impact on how you operate outside of the gym. They're specifically designed to increase your ability to move better and more efficiently, no matter where you are. Here are three ways that these classes can build the skills you need:

1. More Muscle Strength

Sure, lifting weights and doing bodyweight exercises will deliver results, and that's fantastic. But functional classes like Stretching for Performance are geared toward training and developing your muscles to perform everyday activities, like lifting heavy grocery bags or picking up your kid from the floor.

According to the Mayo Clinic, functional fitness makes everyday activities easier, and that reduces the risk of injury and allows your body to perform well in a variety of situations. For example, squats are considered a functional exercise because they train the muscles that are needed for getting into or out of a chair, while protecting the lower back from repetitive strain.

2. Higher Energy

Once you start going to classes like UFC FIT and Daily Ultimate Training, it's likely that your endurance levels will zoom upward, and that means you'll have more sustained energy throughout the day. Although your local coffee vendor might be sorry to hear that, your body will thank you for taking it out of the dips-and-peaks energy cycle you might be in every day.

Basically, you'll become more conditioned, thanks to the combination of cardio and strength training found in circuit drills and other functional fitness class activities. As that happens, you become more physically fine-tuned and efficient. Your body "learns" how to function in new ways, and creates the energy it needs for these tasks, but also for your everyday life away from the gym.

3. Deeper Sleep

Moderate to vigorous activity, which can be found in functional fitness classes, has been shown to help people sleep significantly better, even if they've suffered from insomnia or other sleep disorders for a long time.

With better sleep comes a wide range of benefits, including feeling more alert during the day, having a stronger immune system, and being more productive at work and home. Sleep even affects what you eat, according to some experts. Those who reported sleep issues tended to snack more, crave extra carbs and fatty foods, and had more dietary imbalances and nutrient deficiencies than those who slept more soundly and for the recommended seven-to-nine hours per night.

With advantages like better sleep, more energy, and well-tuned body movements, functional fitness classes are a top choice for getting a full-body workout that brings major benefits to everyday life. Give one of them a try with a UFC GYM Free Pass.

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